Better than mannequins!

28 11 2005

Well, this beats the heck out of plastic mannequins!

Country Music

27 11 2005

Have you had days when your life feels like a country music song?  I’m having some like that right now 😦

The Kiss of Death

25 11 2005

In a sad reminder of the power of allergies, a 15 year old Quebec girl has died after kissing her boyfriend.  The girl had a peanut allergy, and he had eaten peanut butter recently.  That’s all it took.

She had an adrenaline shot administered almost immediately (probably and epi-pen), but she died later in hospital.

I’m allergic to nuts (NOT peanuts – peanuts are relatives of beans and peas – legume family) and here are some of my thoughts:

  1. Be sensitive of the allergies of people around you – particularly food allergies.

  2. If you have allergies, make sure people around you understand your condition, and possible treatment options

  3. Wear a medic alert bracelet or necklace.

  4. This poor boy will now be scarred for life – Probably a first or 2nd girlfriend, and his kiss kills her.  That’s gotta be harsh!

Make 6 figures playing video games??

21 11 2005

You bet! Jonathan Wendell earns about $200K/yr “playing” video games. 

Not a bad income for a 24 year old.  Of course, you can’t suck.  You actually have to be good 😉

5 Men in a Limo

21 11 2005

I was just reminded of this great video:  5 Men in a Limo

Quite funny.

Please take 2 minutes and remember

10 11 2005

Lest we forget

Soldiers Marching to BattleSoldiers - having fought their last battle

1100 November 11

2 minutes of your time, to remember them.

It’s a Pittance of Time

Cross and Poppy

Calvin and Hobbes – So long ago.

9 11 2005

Monday, Slate did a good article on Calvin and Hobbes.  I still miss that kid and his tiger 😦

Now he has a complete anthology!  1440 pages!  Bound hardcopy.  23 pounds.

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