Better than mannequins!

28 11 2005

Well, this beats the heck out of plastic mannequins!

Country Music

27 11 2005

Have you had days when your life feels like a country music song?  I’m having some like that right now 😦

The Kiss of Death

25 11 2005

In a sad reminder of the power of allergies, a 15 year old Quebec girl has died after kissing her boyfriend.  The girl had a peanut allergy, and he had eaten peanut butter recently.  That’s all it took.

She had an adrenaline shot administered almost immediately (probably and epi-pen), but she died later in hospital.

I’m allergic to nuts (NOT peanuts – peanuts are relatives of beans and peas – legume family) and here are some of my thoughts:

  1. Be sensitive of the allergies of people around you – particularly food allergies.

  2. If you have allergies, make sure people around you understand your condition, and possible treatment options

  3. Wear a medic alert bracelet or necklace.

  4. This poor boy will now be scarred for life – Probably a first or 2nd girlfriend, and his kiss kills her.  That’s gotta be harsh!

Make 6 figures playing video games??

21 11 2005

You bet! Jonathan Wendell earns about $200K/yr “playing” video games. 

Not a bad income for a 24 year old.  Of course, you can’t suck.  You actually have to be good 😉

5 Men in a Limo

21 11 2005

I was just reminded of this great video:  5 Men in a Limo

Quite funny.

Please take 2 minutes and remember

10 11 2005

Lest we forget

Soldiers Marching to BattleSoldiers - having fought their last battle

1100 November 11

2 minutes of your time, to remember them.

It’s a Pittance of Time

Cross and Poppy

Calvin and Hobbes – So long ago.

9 11 2005

Monday, Slate did a good article on Calvin and Hobbes.  I still miss that kid and his tiger 😦

Now he has a complete anthology!  1440 pages!  Bound hardcopy.  23 pounds.

BC Judo Championships

5 11 2005

The BC Judo Championships were held in Abbotsford today.  We had many competitors from our club (Burnaby Judo Club) attending, and I think we did fairly well.  I decided to go out and try my hand at some indoor sport photos…

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Lest we forget….

1 11 2005

With Remembrance Day coming up on Friday, November 11th, The Guardian, a UK paper, has published some excepts from a book of interviews with surviving WWI veterans (of which there are very few).  It’s been 60 years since WWII, and 90 years since WWI

One excerpt:

All over the battlefield the wounded were lying there, English and German, all crying for help. But we weren’t like the Good Samaritan in the Bible, we were the robbers who passed by and left them. You couldn’t stop to help them. I came across a Cornishman who was ripped from shoulder to waist with shrapnel, his stomach on the ground beside him. A bullet wound is clean – shrapnel tears you all to pieces. As I got to him he said, “Shoot me.” Before I could draw my revolver, he died. I was with him for the last 60 seconds of his life. He gasped one word – “Mother”. That one word has run through my brain for 88 years. I will never forget it. I think it is the most sacred word in the English language. It wasn’t a cry of distress or pain – it was one of surprise and joy. I learned later that his mother was already dead, so he felt he was going to join her.,11816,1605959,00.html

Please don’t just look at it as a long weekend.  Take the time to remember, to help teach our youth, and the adults around you that don’t understand.

We shall remember them, and their sacrifices!

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