This is funny….

6 04 2010

Water usage in Edmonton during the Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Game…

Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Game Song and Video

9 03 2010

This is GREAT!!!

A couple more pics from Vancouver 2010

26 02 2010

Elvis (this guy is great… him and the copper cowgirl):

and the Cauldron with all 5 flames:

I’m sure gonna miss the fun when the show leaves town.

Vancouver 2010 – Welcome World

23 02 2010

I finally got downtown on Sunday – what a SPECTACULAR day!  Here are a few of my shots:

The cauldron:

Winter Games and Cherry Blossoms – LOVE it!

Giant building-side Quatchi:

Quatchi with the rest … HUGE ADS!

Olympic 2010 logo on the countdown clock:

Gold! Gold! Gold!!!!!

14 02 2010

Alexandre Bilodeau wins Gold for Canada in the Men’s Moguls!!!!


Canada finally wins Gold at a games that we host!!!! 


Go Canada!!!!!!!

Luge Athlete dies in training at Whistler sliding centre

12 02 2010

A luge athlete from Georgia (the country), Nodar Kumaritashvili, died during a practice run at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics… He went off track and then head first into a steel pole at about 145kph.

It was on the news today – they warned it would be graphic.  Yeah, yeah…. I heard a restaurant full of people gasp… it WAS horrific.  Watching people die is strange and unnatural, but we’re drawn to watch for some reason.

The pursuit of bigger, better, faster – a think knife edge.

Pray for the safety of the Athletes and for comfort for this young man’s family.




Here is the CTV Olympic video of the run:

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