Intel slips into bed with **AA to make your life even MORE difficult

31 05 2005

As seen in a LifeHacker Post:

Digit Magazine reports that Intel has quietly slipped in DRM into their new chips that will keep you from being able to do something simple like play an MP3. MS and the **AA’s will LOVE THIS! This is at the HARDWARE level.  Not the OS!   

Officially launched worldwide on the May 26, the new offerings come DRM-enabled and will, at least in theory, allow copyright holders to prevent unauthorized copying and distribution of copyrighted materials from the motherboard rather than through the operating system as is currently the case.

I see George is also outraged at this!  Where is the rest of the Tech Community’s outrage at this?

I suppose someone will want to redefine what the PC in PC means to something OTHER than PERSONAL soon?  Perhaps “Pawn” of the big media?

One year!

27 05 2005

Just over a one year ago, I started this blog.  I must say that I’m pretty happy with the readership, and the comments and feedback that I get on it.  It has been fun so far.  I’m definitely glad I started it up.  If you’re sitting on the fence saying “I don’t know if I should do this..”  Do it.  Nothing to lose.  Who cares if nobody reads your blog.  It’s a chance for you to record the things you like, and that you think others might find interesting.

Teen exposes questionable US Army recruiting techniques

25 05 2005

A teen, inspired by stories of the army being so desperate that they’ll take anyone put that to the test, and found that they were happy to help him fake a high school diploma and get a temporary detox kit, so that he could pass a drug test.

I suppose it’s hard to say “Join the army, see the world“ when you’re busy fighting a war. 

“As a soldier in the active Army,” reads one brochure, “you could be assigned to a duty station such as Hawaii, Alaska, the Far East, Europe and more. You’ll experience these places as no tourist can. You’ll meet interesting people, learn the language and experience unique and interesting cultures.”

There’s no mention in any of those brochures about Baghdad or Kabul, Afghanistan, or Kuwait – or even Seoul. Nothing about a war against terrorism, or suicide bombers or grenade launchers fired by invisible guerrillas.


I don’t know what to say

20 05 2005

More prisoner abuse.  Words fail me.  How does the United States of America EVER hope to win any war, of you keep steeling their hearts against you?

I’m sure this happens all around the world, and I know that even we Canadians aren’t entirely clean, but if you want to hold yourself up as a beacon of morality for the rest of the world, realize that the light will shine on you…even in the dark corners.

Deleting Email cost Morgan Stanley 1.45B

20 05 2005

Yup….1.45 BILLION USD.  I bet they could get a really good email archiving system for a lot less than that 🙂   If you deal with any kind of financial information by email, your company better have a good, solid email archiving system.  The Courts have put companies on notice: “Don’t give us any of this “Oops!” crap.” 

As a network admin this could mean some interesting new hardware in the future!

New site for shortening URL’s

18 05 2005

You’ve probably all heard of, and or used, and how it can take long convoluted URL’s and shorten them into a short URL:

Let’s use my company’s URL:

via TinyURL that becomes:   This is handy, since there are only really 5 unique characters to remember, but WHO wants to remember adgkd??? 

Along comes doiop Which lets me choose what I want use for a reference term:  i.e. if I choose “camping” I get:   Now I have an easy to rember URL since I just have to remember the word camping, which is much more natural for the human mind than “adgkd”

This one might just be a keeper.

Squamish Teen dies in tragic rafting accident

17 05 2005

This breaks my heart.  Alison Roberge was 17 years old and only one month from graduating high school.  She died on the Elaho river on Sunday, while helping make sure that 2 girls with her were saved. 

Rafting is a dangerous sport.  Many of the dangers are mitigated by safety equipment and careful planning, but like anything involving nature, it can always turn ugly.  One scary fact is that the provincial government of BC repealed the Commercial River Rafting Safety Act just a year ago.  Rafting companies in BC don’t even HAVE to follow the safety “rules“  The company that Alison rod with did, and it STILL happened.  Should a group of 13yr old Pathfinders (Girl Guides section)  be out rafting?  Should anyone under 18?  Perhaps 16?  If we don’t feel they can make rational decisions about driving a car, should we let them make the decision to hurtle down a dangerous river?  Scouts Canada has some pretty rigid guidelines about rafting.  Would it have protected Scouts from this happening?  No.  The scary thing is that these things happen, and no matter what we try to do, they will keep happening.  Parents need to consider this when giving the OK for their children to participate in ANY activity.  Too often parents simply sign the form, and say “Have a good time!” to their kids.  Sorry for the ramble.  Stream of consciousness.  Unhappy.

More details of the accident from the Whistler Question.

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