Went 4x4ing today

13 04 2004

I finally took the new Toyota Tundra out and put it through a light offroad workout.  We went up into the Ashlu Creek watershed.  Off of the Squamish Valley Main.  Interfor has done a nice job leaving enough roads for various recreational users after they have finished with them.  Summary of trip: very nice.  A bit wider, and definitely longer than the Cherokee was, so turning around on deadend roads proved to be a bit tricky, but it handled well.  Since the Tundra is a pickup instead of an SUV, it was definitely lighter in the back end, and as a result I found that I put it in 4 wheel more often than the Pathfinder I was travelling with.  The offroad package on the Tundra still had a very smooth feel, definitely smoother than the stock “Sport” Pathfinder package.  I had no fear when it came to the waterbars along the road either.  Extra clearance, and better approach and takeoff angles make a big difference in confidence.  I think I’m going to like owning this truck for quite some time to come.

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