A couple of photos from last weekend

22 07 2008

I went camping with the 28th Vancouver Scouts last weekend up at Camp Byng on the Sunshine Coast.  They aren’t my scouts, they belong to Mrs D, and I was "volunteered" to come help.  As a bonus I had a chance to get some photos in on the trip.

All these shots were taken with Mrs D’s Canon XTi.  All except the last shot were taken with the 100-400L lens.  IF you click on the image, the full size one comes up.

Friday’s waning moon:

The Queen of Surrey:

The Queen of Oak Bay:

A tug moving a log boom down the Georgia Strait for processing:

An attempt at an artistic shot of sap dripping from a Douglas Fir:


Lanzhou, China

14 07 2008

My work is sending me to Lanzhou China in a couple of weeks.  I’ve never been there, but have been reading up what I can.  If any of you gentle readers have "been there, done that, bought the T-shirt" I’d appreciate any suggestions you might have for things to do, things to watch out for, and the good, the bad and the ugly.

I’m going to be bringing my camera with me.  Do you think I risk losing my 100-400 (to theft) if bring it with me?

I’m a little concerned because the city is so much further north that my little Cantonese knowledge will be useless.  It’s going to be a LOT of hand waving and pointing.  I don’t like not being able to communicate.

Thoughts and ideas welcomed!


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Hatheume Lake is NOT a day trip from Vancouver!

2 07 2008

Yesterday, Canada Day, Myself and 3 friends decided to fish Hatheume Lake between Kelowna and Merrit.

We left Vancouver at 0330 after 2 hours sleep and didn’t get back until 2200.

I definitely think you need to classify that lake in the "weekend trip" category.

That being said, the lake was beautiful and the fishing was good for some people. (Not me).  Definitely on the re-visit list.  There are HUGE fish in this lake, and they are loving Chironomids right now.

Fishing restrictions:

HATHEUME LAKE  – No fishing Dec 1-Apr 30 Rainbow trout daily quota = 1; artificial fly only, bait ban, single barbless hook

I’m still wiped out after the trip.

Tight lines!

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