Looking for Somewhere to Send Your Kid to Camp this Summer?

30 06 2004

Looking for somewhere to send your kid to Camp this summer?

We’re the place – NorthPointe Outdoor Adventures

We’re based out of Vancouver, but our camps are up on the sunshine coast, in a beautiful setting – Camp Byng.  We also do trips to kayak, and hike the area around Gibsons and Sechelt.  We cater to kids 10-15 and it’s a ton of fun.  If you have any doubts, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!  We’ve got a camp starting July 12, 2004 and we’ve got a bit of room still.  I think it would be cool if my blog actually brought in a client 🙂 

You may also have heard our commercials on News1130 – pointing you to http://www.campvancouver.com/  Either way, check out the site, and drop us an email to be sure to guarantee a space.

Obligitory TV Shopping network addin:  “Buy now and receive a free set of Ginsu knives”  (for the humour impaired – you are NOT going to get a free set of Ginsu knives – duh!)

Here’s a Fish Story for ya.

30 06 2004

Some 14yr old kid got dragged around the ocean by a 53lb bass, while he was fishing from his kayak! 

Thanks to Metafilter for the link

PCWorld Has an Article on PC "Myths"

29 06 2004

PCWorld is running a 5 page article on “busting PC Myths”  It’s interesting.  I certainly can’t say that I agree with all their statements.  Some comments are out in left field:

If you don’t periodically run your laptop batteries down to zero, you’ll lose battery life.

This belief stems from a syndrome that plagued old-fashioned laptop batteries–the bulky nickel cadmium variety. With those batteries, performance degraded if the battery wasn’t periodically discharged fully. (If you use a NiCd-powered laptop, discharge the battery every three months.)

Newer laptops use lithium ion batteries that have no memory, says Isidor Buchmann, the founder of Cadex, a Canadian manufacturer of battery chargers and analyzers. They don’t need to be discharged to maintain their life, he says. Lithium ion batteries prefer a partial rather than a full discharge. Nonetheless, every 30 charges or so, you should run them down to zero. This measure isn’t to preserve the battery but to recalibrate the fuel gauge–the indicator on the laptop screen that shows how much battery juice and time remain.

Well, if it ISN’T true, perhaps they can explain why we have laptop batteries that are dead after only one year of being mostly used as plugged in devices? 

I’m not even going to touch the “pulling the plug doesn’t hurt your PC” comment.  Yikes!

I’ll leave the others to you you to decide.  Your thoughts?

Thanks to Endgadget for the link

Flexible Neon Lights

29 06 2004

This is WAY cool! – Bend it, wrap it, tie it.  Live Wire is usable lighting.

Thanks to Kevin Kelly for the link.

Free Frappucinos at Starbucks!

29 06 2004

Starbucks – the coffee store that’s on just about EVERY street corner in Vancouver and Seattle, and apparently even in the United Arab Emirates (whodda thunk it?) is giving away Frappucino samplers on June 30, 2004.  Free!  Cool!  Only at the North American stores unfortunately 🙂

Thanks to Tony for the link!

I took the St. John Ambulance First Aid Course This Weekend

28 06 2004

Well, I’m just plain exhausted!  We had a 3 day St. John AmbulanceStandard First Aid with Wilderness” course this past weekend and it was “Go Go Go!”  Friday night we went from 5:30 to 10:15 doing CPR for adults, children and infants.  My arms were sore from the chest thumping…what a work out! I hope I NEVER have to give CPR – it’s brutal work.

Saturday and Sunday were outdoor learning – Hot and sunny, with bugs, and all the goodies while we worked to remember all the basics of scene management, primary surveys, secondary surveys, immobilizing, comforting, transporting.  Our instructors were firemen with the Vancouver Fire Department, and had great first hand knowledge of the kinds of things that happen out there.  

On Sunday, we had “live” scenario testing – our patients were done up with makeup and some nasty injuries.   I, at one point was made up to have a deep gash in my forehead with blood oozing from it.  Quite realistic, and it achieved its purpose – it threw off the train of thought for my rescuers.  Shook them up a bit.  Good.

This time taking the course is my 2nd.  It certainly doesn’t hurt to take it twice.  (St. John apparently suggests that you take it every 3 years)  This time I attended with 6 of our scouts, and other scout leaders.  It was good working with people I knew.  There wasn’t the uncomfortable aspect of working at close contact with strangers.  It was also good to see our scouts learn, and take charge.  We really ARE building the leaders of tomorrow.

Now it’s back to work!

Your Chance to Change the Pocket Inbox

25 06 2004

The “Pocket Inbox” on the PocketPC is “limited” to say the least.  The lead developer for it, is taking suggestions for changes.

Now’s your chance!  Be heard!

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