Europe2008 – PLAN C!

30 04 2008

The never ending revisions for this trip continue.  I think we’ve got a better idea of the what and where now:

The daily itinerary looks like this… Comments?

Any travel that isn’t indicated otherwise is by a rental car.  Anyone know the blest place to rent a nice little Turbo Diesel Automatic in London?

Day 1 Fly Canada to London Heathrow
Day 2 Arr London
Day 3-4 London
Day 5 London->Bath->Manchester
Day 6 Chester
Day 7 Manchester->Glasgow->Oban->Fort William
Day 8 Fort William->Dundee->Edinburgh->Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
Day 9 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne via the coast->Harwich
Night of 9 Ferry From Harwich->Hook of Holland
Day 10 Hook of Holland-> The Hague (afternoon Maduradam)
Day 11 kinderdjik + Other?
Day 12 The Hague->Brussels->Luxemburg
Day 13 Luxemburg->Neuschwanstein Castle
Day 14 Neuschwanstein Castle->Mullheim
Day 15 Mullheim->Orleans
Day 16 Orleans->Chartes->Paris (Versailles)
Day 17 Paris
Day 18 Paris
Day 19 Paris (Versailles)-> Beaches of Normandy->Dieppe->-Vimy->Ypres
Day 20 Ypres->Calais->Dover-London (Ferry)
Day 21 London
Day 22 London->Canada

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Downy Woodpecker

28 04 2008

While out at Reifel with the scouts on the 20th I also saw this downy woodpecker building his home.  I decided to make a post just for him because it was the first time I have seen one and got such a good photo of one.  I was pretty excited when I got home and found that focus and lighting worked just RIGHT for this little fellow:

Downy Woodpecker building a home

His full sized photo can be seen here.

He was probably no more than 6m from me!  Just working away and seeming not bothered by the 50 kids that stopped to watch him.

Reifel – Again!

28 04 2008

We were out at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary… AGAIN last week (April 20th, 2008). If you were there and noticed the swarm of 50 people in yellow and black jackets…  Sorry. I know it wasn’t exactly the quiet relaxing time you had hoped for, but it was an incredibly educational experience for the kids!  This time I brought the 28th Vancouver Cubs and Beavers out to see the birds.  Mr Ireland, the manager  is a  REALLY great guy, super knowledgeable about birds and I think he just might be a bit more patient than Job was 🙂

It was a cool day, with a high of only about 8C but there was sun so it wasn’t too bad.  I shot bird pics with my 40D while Mrs D shot kid pics with her 400D and one of the scouts shot with the Powershot S60.  We had about 300 photos to sift through and came up with about 100 or so that really gave the flavour of the trip.  You can see the whole gallery at the 28th Scouts Page.

Here are a few of my favourite bird pictures:

Male Ring Necked Duck (a rare visitor to the sanctuary):

Male Redwinged Blackbird in full song:

Great Blue Heron keeping an eye on things:

Mrs Mallard having a rest but keeping an eye on me:

Brown creeper (gravity doesn’t seem to apply to these guys):

This was a first ever sighting for me of this little guy.  Very cool!

Mr Great Horned Owl keeping a watchful eye over the nest:

Rufous hummingbird:

Male Northern Pintail:


For all the larger sized photos of these birds, please visit their fotothing pages:

Another successful birding outing – DESPITE the 50 people 😉

OMG – Another Sunny Day!!!

28 04 2008

It has been cold and rainy (and even snowy) recently. I was SOO glad that I could get out and shoot some of our complex’s flowers with my macro that I have been DYING to use.  Well – Here they are:


Clicking on the small photo will bring you to my FOTOTHING page with the image.

These were all shot with the Canon 40D, 100mm F/2.8 macro lens using natural light.


In the morning before going out shooting, I went with my Cubs to the Kerrisdale Days parade.  There was a small turnout from Scout groups 😦  I think it may have been because it coincided with Earth day activities down at Jericho beach on Saturday.  No matter.  The group that WAS there enjoyed a good parade and had fun.


Montague Harbour Bike Camp

16 04 2008

The 40th Marpole Scouts went on a bike camp to Montague Harbour on Galiano Island this past weekend.  The weather was beautiful, sunny and warm – In stark contrast to the barely 10C weather we’ve been having.  I hope to get one of our Scouts’ log from the trip.  In the mean time… some photos.  The load might be a bit slow.  There are 100 photos from the trip.

I apologize for the quality of some of the shots.  They were kept so as to be more of a story telling series rather than quality.  I tried some action panning shots, but they were tough!

Log coming soon.  Enjoy.

2008-05-06: One of the camp logs is now posted

No Good deed should go unpunished

14 04 2008

Parents and leaders that had taken the Beavers down to the Science World Sleepover left in the morning to find that some knob had keyed their cars.  Nice.  Real nice.  It’s nice to see that there are losers out there making sure that no good deed goes unpunished 😦


Some birds from Reifel

1 04 2008

On Sunday we were out at the Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary with the cubs.  I got a few decent shots.

Great Horned Owl:

Canon 40D 100-300mm @  300mm 1/800s F/5.6 ISO 1600

2. Northern Shoveller (A first for me)

Canon 40D 100-300mm @  1/800s F/5.6 ISO 200

3. A classic bird at the sanctuary – Sandhill Crane…. Staring me down:

Canon 40D  100-300mm @ 300mm 1/250s F/9 ISO 200

4. Sandhill Crane (profile view)

Canon 40D 100-300mm @ 300mm 1/640s F/9 ISO 200

You can also find these guys at my Fotothing photo blog

Continued improvement!

1 04 2008

Yesterday, I decided to try my luck with the birds again.  Black Capped Chickadees this time.   I’m pretty happy with my results:

Canon 40D 100-300USM @300 ISO 400 w/ on body flash used for fill.
1/250s F/5.6


1/250s F/7.1


1/250s F/8 

They can also be found on my Fotothing free photo blog


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