Pictures from some of the recent 40th Marpole outings

22 10 2007

I’ve managed to find enough time to post up some photo galleries from recent Scout trips.

Not all the photos are “great”, but the purpose of the gallery is to give parents and friends an idea and a memory of the event, rather than to produce gallery quality images 😉

A weekend visit to a fish hatchery and then a sleep over at our Scout Hall:

Our first camp of the 2007-2008 Scouting season:

This past weekend’s “Apple Days”

I hope you get the sense of the fun (and rain in one case) that we had 🙂

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Camp Log – Golden Ears Provincial Park

21 10 2007

As promised, here is the camp log from one of our scouts…

Friday October 12, 2007.

As usual, I got off school early on Friday so I got home, took a bath and finished off some homework. The time passed so quickly that it was time already to head to the Scout hall. I happened to be there on time so I started to help out pack up for the camp. I ended up going into Scouter D’s truck with Tom Dick and Harry. We headed off first to McDonald’s for dinner. I ordered a Big Mac Meal and it was supposed to be a normal sized meal but for some reason, they gave me everything super sized. I was happy about it and since there was the Monopoly Prize game going on, I won a free Root Beer. I saved it for later because I was already having Root Beer as my super sized drink. I was superbly full after that tremendously sized meal. I got back into the car and Scouter E was leading the way this time so I just sat and rested a bit before arriving at camp. At camp, the Scouts, Recruits and Venturers were unloading the truck while Harry and I worked on the lanterns. When I finished doing that, we took our tarps and started setting up for our shelter. Our shelter was the partially the most important thing for us in this camp because it’s the thing which we are sleeping under. I was the almost the last one to sleep that night. That night it was kind of cool so I wore sweatpants, a long sleeve shirt and a long sleeve fleece to sleep. I was so warm. Before that, Tom and Dick said that the tarp was too low so Harry, Joe and I went to help fixing the tarp. Harry decided to throw his knife up the tree but he wasn’t too smart about it. He threw the knife up the tree and then the knife got stuck. It twisted around the branch three times. It took us about ten minutes to get the knife back down. Scouter D was looking at us do that and he said the knife was going to be stuck in the tree and it happened to be that he was right. I helped Joe tie up the rope around the tree and then suddenly, Harry said the tarp was still too low. Unfortunately, Joe and I had to untie the tarp again and pull it up then tie it again. Something happened to the knot I tied. It was a dead knot. Harry, Joe and I couldn’t untie it so we used some of our knives’ tools but none of them worked. I took out the screwdriver and gave it to Joe. It took some time before we could get the knot untied. I set my watch to 7:00 in the morning along with some other Recruits too.


Saturday October 13, 2007.

Today, I got up late because my watch wouldn’t ring, in fact, none of our watches rang. No one knew when to get up so we just kept sleeping and sleeping until Joe awoken and started shouting, wake up at all of us. We started boiling hot water when we got out of our shelter. Harry and I went to look at the Scouts cook their meals so we could make sure that they were doing what was right in safety measures. I had eggs and bacon for breakfast today and one thing that wasn’t nice was that TMan was cooking eggs for us and he was making scrambled eggs and he let go of the frying pan, then he dropped all the eggs except three left. Everyone who didn’t eat yet got really irritated including me. Afterwards, Scouter D brought us to our shelters and taught us how to fix it. It took us some time to do that. When that was finished, we had lunch. Lunch happened to be better than our breakfast. We went on a hike after that I think. When we came back, we worked on the fire making for that night’s campfire. I found it amusing because I had nothing to do. I got up later on and started making dinner by boiling water and then boiling potatoes. We had an awesome dinner that night. We had barbecued pork, vegetables, and some potatoes. I ate so much that I was over satisfaction. We had sometime to clean up after and because we finished off pretty quickly, I was ordered to set up the lanterns. After, I went to Scouter D and his camera. They were doing something very unique. They were drawing with lights on a picture. I tried it too and I wrote my name. I looked like a ghost in that picture. We had a campfire after that and that campfire was very small. We had a game after that but no one really wanted to play because they were really tired. I was kind of tired too. I was beginning to get cold and then when we ended the game, we went back to the camp site and everyone went to bed as soon as possible. Joe wanted my help and I was willing to because this job he gave me was fun. We had to pile all of the wood onto the campfire and turn it into ash. We piled all the wood at once and the fire grew so hot it was amazing.


Sunday October 14, 2007.

Today I woke up on time and started to make breakfast. Two of us made breakfast while the rest of us went to pack and take down the shelter. I was feeling weird today. I had two sausages for breakfast. I had to go to the washroom after I packed up. I had a stomach ache. Then Tom called fall in and I was done already, fixing up my belt inside the washroom. I was late sixty two seconds so I had to run lap after we broke off. We went on a hike around the park and it was very relaxing. We learnt some stuff about the trees. We went back to the camp site and then we had lunch. I was somewhat eager to go back home. We had Scouts Own later on and so we left our knives at the table and headed down to the beach. The road was pretty long comparing to the other roads. I was bored so after the Scouts Own, I threw rocks into the water. I found this huge odd looking rock after which looked like a flat piece of rock, around 20 inches wide, and two inches thick. I threw it into the water and splash! There was the piece of rock spinning on top of the water. I was surprised a rock, so heavy could spin on the water like that. I found some clay and wrote my name on the rock. I dried later on and I liked it being there. We left pretty soon after that to the Scout Hall. I was happy to go home after that. 


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Fun with light in the night

18 10 2007

While waiting for our campfire on Saturday night at camp, I decided to pull out my camera and try some long exposure shots, to see if I could get some fun ghostly images.

Long story short:  most of the pictures were crap 😦

But a couple turned out kinda cool.  Here’s one that wasn’t just passing light, but a bit of light artistry 🙂

Fun with a long exposure shot and a headlamp! 
(The picture looks better at the original link)

The nice thing about digital “film” is that I knew immediately if it worked or not.  Great way to pass some time at camp!


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Scout Camp at Golden Ears Provincial Park

15 10 2007

Last weekend we camped at Golden Ears Provincial Park.  Watch this space.  Within the next week, I’ll be posting the best log of the camp as written by one of the Scouts.


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Dancing, Chairs and falling?

12 10 2007

This is bothering me… I know that there is some classic video out there of a dancer (Gene Kelley?) doing the old song and dance.  During the routine he runs up onto a chair and does the “controlled tip” of the chair.  What movie is this from?  Can you help me find the video clip?   It’s got to be out there SOMEWHERE on the ‘Net.

My colleague thinks that it might be 3 people and a sofa…  Either way, if it’s there, please help me!



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It turns out I don’t hate lamb!

9 10 2007

This past weekend I was at a friend’s house for dinner, and they served up lamb chops and leg of lamb.   I was thinking I’ll have a little and enjoy the veggies 😉  I took some of the leg (still not really venturing to the chops) and it was GOOD!  Tender, and with a slight twinge of “lamb” flavour that didn’t make my mouth and nose want to close up.  It was delicious.   So, there you have it.  You’re never too old to learn that the same item cooked differently CAN be quite good.

Thanks for a GREAT dinner Greg!

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