27 12 2006

Another year has passed, and Christmas is but a blink of an eye away, and yet it seems like this year has just begun.  Strange.

This year:

  • Mrs D got a new car.
  • Vancouver almost set a rain record for January
  • We elected a right wing government with a leader that tries to be George W. Bush of the North
  • I took more photographs than ever before.
  • We travelled in China
  • I got out to do more fly fishing, more sockeye fishing, but NO Coho fishing 😦
  • I travelled a lot for work.  Exciting locales such as Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Yellowknife
  • I learned that you’re better off to clean your DSLR sensor yourself rather than send in your camera to Canon
  • We got into the HDTV world courtesy of a 50″ Viera (I so LOVE this thing….SDTV is blah)
  • I lost my last cat on the day after my birthday… I’m now petless for the first time in 27 years 😦
  • The BC Lions won the Grey Cup and I won season tickets to the games next year!
  • We had a freak snow storm that turned the city upside down in November.
  • I spent a lot more time teaching Judo, and am pleased by the improvements I see in my students as they progress.
  • We had wind storms that uprooted over 1000 trees in Stanley Park, and almost put a fir tree through our home.
  • I got way less sleep than I should have – Halo2/Gears of War

It’s been a busy year.  The travelling seemed to break things up a lot and that makes it feel like it went quickly.  There were definitely times when I wish I could have stayed at home with Mrs D and just gone fishing.  Next year, I want to spend more time on the lakes with Mrs D, and watch as she feels the thrill of catching her first fish on the fly.  The trip to China and Hong Kong was amazing, and having my wife there with me to help and guide me was indispensable.  I hope that we can go on trips like that again, to other exotic and interesting locales. 

One of the most important things is being able to spend time with your family.  This past year has been weak in that 😦 

  • I want to get back to Ontario and visit with my aunt, uncle, cousin and grandfather.
  • I want to get down to Michigan to hang out with my sister and her family.
  • I want to spend more time fishing with my wife
  • I want to spend some time with my dad doing something – What… I dunno, but something
  • I want to spend time travelling with my wife

I don’t have big material items on my wish list this year.  I just want more time with the people that matter.  Which to me, is what Christmas is all about.  Gifts and Santa are for kids.  As adults we need to look deeper, into our hearts and find the things that REALLY matter, and make them happen, somehow.   That’s it really.  Electronics have brought our world  closer, but it has also allowed us to be further.  Close that physical distance, and see, touch and feel the joy of being with someone, rather than just emailing them.

I’m going to start by heading off to Lake Louise tomorrow to visit my cousin!

Merry Christmas and a safe Happy New Year to all!

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Apparently, "National Security" in the US is new buzzword for "It makes us look bad"

22 12 2006

A recent opinion article in the New York Times was edited by the “Central Intelligence Agency’s Publication Review Board” to remove passages that had no “Security” implications.  The author had passed the document through board, and all was well, until the White House stepped in and said “Make them remove the following…”  Apparently “National Security” could be compromised by people knowing publicly available materials.

A couple of things.  

1. “Central Intelligence Agency’s Publication Review Board”???  Wow.  I thought things like that stopped after WWII or Vietnam.  I wonder how they decide what to check over, and how many people there are.  Surely there are hundreds of thousands of columns being printed all over the US.  How are they to know which ones will be blabbing about National Security issues?

2. When will the Executive Branch of the US government keep its grubby paws off the rights of the people to discuss information that puts it in a bad light?  Life is NOT a giant scripted TV show….  You HAVE to take the good with the bad.  You can’t just hide the bad.    You folks down below the 49th are heading for a real life nightmare if this keeps up. 

Good Night and Good Luck!

What a Wind storm!

15 12 2006

Wicked Wind rolled through last night.  Winds up to 100kph in the city!

My house is just to the left of the frame in the picture above. Thank God it was blowing the OTHER way!

This poor guy was a block from my work.  Possibly one of the reasons we had no power at work this morning until 1100.  Good times had by all!

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