Slow and Snow on the drive today!

27 11 2006

After the weekend of fun and snow, today was a slow drive to work.  Lots of snow on the road and the trees.  The problem is that the trees thought it was still fall.

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25 11 2006

We had our first snowfall here today.  I got out this evening to get some night shots….

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Enjoy! Stay safe. Stay Warm.

More birds!

25 11 2006

went down to the lake again today.

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I won!

16 11 2006

I was at the Team 1040 pregame party down at the Azure bar before the CFL Western final (in which our BC Lions SPANKED the Saskatchewan Roughriders).  We noticed that they were giving away orange T-Shirts if you tried to throw a football through a hole about 20 feet away.  This was handy, as I don’t really have any thing bright orange in my regular clothing collection (go figger!).

We sat in the line an watched as people tried, but few succeeded.  The rain on ball didn’t help, and of course people aren’t exactly the best athletes 🙂  My friend got up, and put one out of three throws in the hole, so he got an entry.  I had a sore thumb so I figured my lame duck throw would have almost no chance of making it.  First throw – Bingo!  Throws two and three were definitely off the mark though 🙂   I got one entry into the draw, but more importantly I got my orange T-shirt, and was good to go for the game!

The game was fun, and I had pretty much forgotten about the whole draw thing, until I got off the phone on Tuesday afternoon to find I had a voicemail -” Dear sir, You’ve won!”  SWEEEEET!

I now will be a proud Lions fan for 2007 sitting in the “Premium” seats (between the 45 yard lines!) – Red in the picture below:

Thanks to the Team 1040 for hooking me up with the kick-ass prize!

Go Lions Go!

C# and Mutexes (Muteces?)

14 11 2006

I’m new to getting multi-threading working in C#, so I’m looking for some help with Mutexes.

I have code that looks like the following:

Mutex MyMutex = new Mutex();

Then later in parts that I want to make sure work at separate times:

void Part1()
{//Do Stuff}
void Part2()
//Do other stuff
//that must be not at the same
//time as Part1

Is this the correct way to make sure that these two methods (which get called via various triggers) don’t run while the other is running?  Comments and help appreciated.

2006-11-15 Update…  Figured out the problem.

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