The morning sky today

28 01 2005

On the drive in to work, I had to stop and get this shot.  It was nice to see blue sky after all the rain we’d had. The moon seemed to magically hang there too.  It would be nice to hear a comment or two from you anonymous readers out there.  What do you think?  Nice shot?  What could be better?




Fun around the neighborhood today!

27 01 2005

Lots of lights and sirens around this morning.

Update… 1300

Official Statement:

While testing a sample in the lab, a chemist started feeling ill.  They were removed from the area and the emergency response (911) was notified.  The person was sent to the hospital for observations.  A further two individuals, also working in the area were subsequently taken to the hospital for observation.  All three persons are doing fine with no apparent signs of ill effects.

The Hazardous Materials Response Team attended, surveyed the site and determined that there was no lasting concern.  The samples have since been quarantined and will be disposed of by a registered hazardous waste company.

For further information please direct your enquires……

News story from 1200:

They make it sound like Bhopal India!  News stations….Hmmmmm.

I’m sure this is entirely a humanitarian gesture….

25 01 2005

Hamid Karzai doesn’t want the US to spray Afghan poppy fields.

But Karzai says the spraying could harm villagers.

Uh Huh….  Wanna buy some quality beach front land in Indonesia?

Some interesting results as a result of google Adwords

25 01 2005

The Search Engine Watch Blog has an entry relating to some of the “Interesting“ results a google search will get for the adwords:

+ Need to find a date? How about a sexy BUT dead single?

+ Want some gastrointestinal problems?

This is what can happen when you let computers “think“ 🙂

How do Blogs Impact a Business?

22 01 2005

A comment on a previous post led me to a blog by “Mark” doing an Executive MBA program, and his first post, which asked “Why should I Care about Blogs”  I was going to post in the comments, but this could get long.

Blogs, themselves, are like guns.  They don’t do anything other than the bidding of the person controlling them. 

Blogs affect businesses in 2 different ways.

1) Company employees have blogs. (See MS etc)
2) People blog about a company (reviews/complaints/kudos)

Both of these avenues can be both good and bad for a company.   When you let your staff blog, you have to draw the line to make sure that they aren’t giving out corporate secrets, or disparaging your company in “public“.  Many bloggers start with a small audience of close friends and/or relatives, and then it grows.  When it’s small, it may not seem so bad to complain about an overbearing boss, but as it becomes larger, you might find that it is your boss that’s reading.   There have been a few cases of bloggers being fired for blogging about their work, even when they didn’t mention their work directly.  (Washington DC intern, British Book Store Waterstones, and others (see bottom of page))

Letting your staff blog has the advantage that your company becomes immediately more accessible, and people like that.  It shows that you are willing to let your staff talk DIRECTLY to the public, rather than vetting EVERYTHING they say and do.  It’s good PR.  I know that I feel more comfortable dealing with a company if I know that I am getting some of the straight goods directly from the developers rather than the marketing droids.

The most common blog relating to companies these days is still the individual blogger who uses a product or service and loves it, so writes about it.  Or s/he hates it, and wants to make sure others know it before they make the same “mistake“ in the blogger’s mind.  A smart company keeps alert as to what is being said about it in the blogosphere, either via sites like PubSub, or technorati.  If someone blogs something negative about your product, contact them, and try to make it right.  These little bloggers can carry quite a bit of weight on Google, and nobody like to find their product in Google with “Sucks“ attached to it in the top rank 🙂

Blogs empower joe computer user to speak his mind, and to get information out that isn’t always “sexy“ enough for the mainstream media to cover.  This means that some of it may be wrong.  It usually isn’t vetted as closely as big media, but it’s usually from the heart.  And it’s from the heart where many people decide if they will be using your company or not.

So, Mark….I hope I helped a bit.   As to other sites that talk about this, you might want to try to contact Dave Winer as he really has been the orginal driving force behind the growth of “blogging“.

Anyone else know any sites for Mark?

Did Google Change something?

20 01 2005

Looks like the GMail API by Johnvey Hwang just simply broke today.   Has Google been fiddling around in the back?   Are they doing this on purpose?  Anyone else having problems?  Anyone have a solution?

It’s the only app that I know of that checks multiple GMail accounts in one.  It’s pretty handy… I’m missing it already 😦

It looks like a giant Frickin’ Laser Beam!

20 01 2005

Holy Crap!  You could poke an eye out with this thing.

The inventor, a Canadian(yipee!) says that this thing will see through items, and cause electronic devices to stop working.  He calls it “Angel Light” 

Dr. Evil would be proud!

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