Ajax and Atlas – Not just cleaning detergent and a map book!

20 03 2006

Microsoft has released a new Community Technology Preview of Atlas for March  2006. Atlas is a framework for building “Rich Client Applications” in ASP.Net 2.0 using AJAX.  This is cool.  This could be a big plus for .Net if Atlas REALLY does make it easy to create classes in Javascript for consuming webservices asynchronously.  I’m going to pull it down later tonight to see what’s possible.  I’m excited!

Burnaby Lake Birds

12 03 2006

Went out to Burnaby Lake today and took some bird pics:

The whole set can be seen here: http://www.slacker.ca/brian/webpics/showpix.aspx?200601312Birds

Male Wood Duck:

Male Green Winged Teal:

Unknown Bird:

I have to say goodbye to an old friend tomorrow

11 03 2006

Damn I hate this part of life.

Taffy is 17 years old now, and has had diabetes for over 6 years.  We’ve maintained it, and I might even say “we’ve beaten it” but last week something new hit.  Taffy was diagnosed as having advanced CRF (Chronic Renal Failure).  I’ve been medicating him, and giving him Sub-Q fluids, Potassium supplements, Nutritional supplements, but the one thing that we can’t get past:  He won’t eat.

Taffy hasn’t eaten much at all during the past 3 days, and his breathing is hard, his legs unstable, and his purr forced.  While I wish he could stay with me forever, it’s time I let him be free of all the problems he has suffered.  Tomorrow at 0930 he will begin his walk over the rainbow bridge to join Toby and PC and all the other pets that are no longer encumbered by old or broken bodies.  His soul will be free and happy.  Why does mine feel like there’s a knife going through me? 

I’ve known and cared for Taffy longer than I’ve known my dear wife.  He moved to West coast with me.  He was there when I got my job, and he has been there EVERY SINGLE day that I come home, purring and happy to see me.  He has comforted me when I lost Toby and PC, and he always listens to my problems, and NEVER judges me.  He will leave a gaping hole in my life when he leaves.  There’s a selfish part inside me that says “Maybe we can keep medicating him – he can live longer”  but I have to come to grips with the fact  that my last furry kid will be leaving the nest tomorrow, and he can’t write home 😦  I’ve had older relatives die before, but it’s not the same.  I have spent every day making sure that he was OK, and looked after.  I made the promise to look after him for his entire life.  I think I’ve done a pretty good job.  I hope I have.

Taffy – I love you!  I’ll miss your headbutts and purrs 😦

Spring – Continued!

11 03 2006

Thankfully the snow didn’t last too long around here.  Some pictures of spring continued!

There’s a whole bunch more at http://www.slacker.ca/brian/webpics/showpix.aspx?20060311Spring

Enjoy the spring!

Spring – Interrupted

10 03 2006

Here on the Wet Coast, in Vancouver, BC we’ve become accustomed to the idea that spring starts right after about mid February and the cherry blossoms are usually in full swing by mid to late March.  Yesterday, my alder allergy was starting to kick in, and things looked pretty normal.

Then along came this morning… SCREEEECHHHH.  Winter apparently isn’t done with us yet.  I bring you Spring….  Interrupted:

OK – Joke’s over.  When can we get our REAL spring back?

The power of a cold

7 03 2006

Somehow I caught a cold last week.  It started feeling like a sore throat on Thursday, and by Friday I was starting to feel miserable.  Saturday and Sunday were write-offs and then Monday came and it still felt like someone had been using me for a punching bag.  Only by the end of Monday did I finally feel like eating something.  3 day starvation diet!  Yipee.

It truly is amazing that a little microscopic virus and his friends can take down a human being so efficiently.

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