I hab a code :(

27 09 2007

I hate colds!  This one is an extra problem, because if I call in sick, everyone will think I’m ducking work to “Finish the Fight!”.  Sigh. 

Having a cold = Ugh 😦

Halo 3 – Finish the Fight!

25 09 2007

OK – I lined up last night. I got it!  I played until 0300 🙂

So… how much sleep do people REALLY need?  Don’t give me suggested amounts.  What do I “NEED” to keep alive? 😉  I figure if I budget my day just right I can go for that target + 15 minutes.  That should be enough!

Buy the game!  Finish the Fight!

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T minus 12 hours!

24 09 2007

Finish the Fight!

Over 1.5 million presales. 

Estimated USD 160 Million take for the first week!

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We did it! It took 31 years, but we’re BACK!

20 09 2007

This morning at 1058 EDT September 20, 2007, the Canadian dollar exceeded the US dollar for the first time since 1976.  Soon we’ll be having to advertise “We take USD at par”, “Sorry, no US coins accepted”.  Hah!

Say “Hello!” cross border shopping.  Apparently our prices just won’t fall to match the value of our dollar.  No problem.  With the US economy being as depressed as it is, I’ll just pop down south to buy things.

Down south of the 49th on Sunday

17 09 2007

She did it… Mrs D had me go down to Washington so that she could find “just the right” pair of pants!

I was jolted awake at 0800 with a “Hey!  It’s 0800!  Get up and get moving!”

To which I replied with “Huh?” and tried to go back to sleep.  No luck.

We stopped by the Timmy Ho’s on Lougheed and grabbed breakfast.  I was really hoping that the caffeine from the coffee would jolt me awake on this miserable drizzly Sunday morning.  I don’t know if it worked… I have a feeling someone gave me decaf instead 😉

One bonus to traveling at 0900 on a Sunday morning is that the roads are practically deserted.  Most people are either getting ready for church, hung over from the night before or both 🙂  We cruised down to the border and I was presently surprised that the border line only took about 10-15 minutes. WAY less than the 2 hours it CAN take.

I was tired and not in much of a mood for the drive. As soon as we hit Bellingham I pulled off and took her to Bellis Fair mall.  A large mall that pretty much was built to handle the crush of Canadians back when our dollar had been strong the first time.  1030 – mall not open until 1100 and Mrs D gave me the harangue about this just being a “regular” mall…  Where was the outlet mall?  Why aren’t we there?   You get the picture… back in the truck…. Keep heading south.  We see an outlet mall on the East and I point at it, only to notice that Mrs D has taken papers out of her bag.  “Oh No, it’s the Seattle Premium Outlets coupons from the ‘Net!!!!”  Not that I have anything against this mall, it’s just that the mall is located almost IN SEATTLE!!  For a PAIR OF PANTS!  Sigh.  Keep driving…. try not to fall asleep in the constant rain and monotony of the highway.  1130…. we finally get there.  Thank God!  At least the gas was cheap (compared to home)

Mrs D says “Go play in the casino while I shop”.

I dutifully remind her that the technical limit for bringing things back with less than a 24 stay is $0 and that they’ll usually swing us $50 if they’re feeling nice, but I have no desire to get the “please pull over to that stall” from the Canadian Border Services agent, nor any wish to get to know any of them more personally than needed, limiting my conversation to 3-5 words at a time with them.  She affirms that she’s not going to need a second mortgage when she’s done, and I let her go and shop.

I headed over to the Tulalip casino, right next to the mall… coincidence?  I think not.  Things were the usual up and down.  Just as I was doing well, Mrs D shows up.  ALREADY?!?!?  She lets me play a bit more, and I end up with $200 more than I had when I came in.  Sweet!  🙂 This trip might not be so bad after all.  We went over to the casino buffet for lunch and didn’t know how much it was going to be.  A couple in front of us were complaining that it was “too much, what about the regular price?” and were told by the cashier that it’s brunch on the weekend, and that’s why it’s more expensive.  They left.  I kind of dreaded to ask, but had to.

“How much is the buffet?”


“Oh!  And regularly?”


“I see… we’ll take two”, I said wondering why $5 would make or break your decision to have a buffet lunch or brunch.  Hmmph.

The buffet was nice.  You definitely had to choose your premium items or you’d be eating a tonne of starchy items and lose out on the quality protein 🙂  Mrs D really liked the prime rib. I had a delicious helping of scrambled eggs and bacon.  The prime rib WAS good… I had it after my eggs.  They also had a nice pasta with smoked salmon sauce.   Yummy.  Desert took up about 1/3 of the buffet.  There was a nice selection of cakes and cheesecakes.  I had a small slice of cheesecake and some raspberry sorbet.  The whole lunch was delicious and DEFINITELY worth the $15.

Since we had a long drive back, I insisted on a short nap.  It’s really easy to sleep in the truck.  About 30 minutes later we were on our way.  We hit the border back at  1645 and after a short 15 minute wait we were through back onto home turf, and Mrs D was happy that she had the “perfect” pair of pants that she couldn’t find up here in Canada.  She was happy and I was $200 richer… all in all not bad, other than the 300km of driving and the lack of sleep.

Next time someone ELSE can drive 😉

Halo 3

6 09 2007

Well  – I finally did it.

This past weekend I went out and pre-ordered my copy of Halo 3

For those of you living in a cave during the last couple of years, Halo is probably THE most successful video game franchise.  PERIOD.  Halo 3 has over 1 million copies pre-ordered.  This thing is HUGE.

But wait…. not only do I get the game… I’ll also get the ultra cool H3 ball cap, and the thing that EVERYONE wants… a T-Shirt that says “I PWN”.  Yeah – Like I can see myself EVER wearing that outside of the house… NOT.

Halo 3 Ball cap and Tshirt

From the Future Shop website:


Pre-order any Halo 3 version today in-store and receive an Official Halo 3 Hat and “I PWN” T-shirt
*See In-store associate for details
*While supplies last, one T-shirt and Hat per person
*Shirt and Hat will be available upon pick up of the Halo 3 game

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