A couple more pics from Vancouver 2010

26 02 2010

Elvis (this guy is great… him and the copper cowgirl):

and the Cauldron with all 5 flames:

I’m sure gonna miss the fun when the show leaves town.

Vancouver 2010 – Welcome World

23 02 2010

I finally got downtown on Sunday – what a SPECTACULAR day!  Here are a few of my shots:

The cauldron:

Winter Games and Cherry Blossoms – LOVE it!

Giant building-side Quatchi:

Quatchi with the rest … HUGE ADS!

Olympic 2010 logo on the countdown clock:

Gold! Gold! Gold!!!!!

14 02 2010

Alexandre Bilodeau wins Gold for Canada in the Men’s Moguls!!!!


Canada finally wins Gold at a games that we host!!!! 


Go Canada!!!!!!!

Luge Athlete dies in training at Whistler sliding centre

12 02 2010

A luge athlete from Georgia (the country), Nodar Kumaritashvili, died during a practice run at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics… He went off track and then head first into a steel pole at about 145kph.

It was on the news today – they warned it would be graphic.  Yeah, yeah…. I heard a restaurant full of people gasp… it WAS horrific.  Watching people die is strange and unnatural, but we’re drawn to watch for some reason.

The pursuit of bigger, better, faster – a think knife edge.

Pray for the safety of the Athletes and for comfort for this young man’s family.




Here is the CTV Olympic video of the run: http://www.ctvolympics.ca/video/index.html?assetid=3350f67a-7694-4f9b-830f-09d957013d41

Camping at Manning Park with the Scouts

1 02 2010

I haven’t posted about our Scout camp at Manning Park for a couple of reasons.  Unfortunately I still can’t really post about all the fun we had that weekend. Hopefully that will soon come to an end and you’ll get to hear all the interesting times that we had while there.  In the mean time, I have a few pictures from our camp.  There are many others, but you know you me – I’m going to start with the Birds 🙂

1) Sitting in the tree – considering coming down

2) Moments later this guy would be down eating from a hand.

3) Is a bird in the hand really worth two in the bush?

4) Looking for food

5) Escaping with the goods

6) Not everyone was so happy with them landing 😉

7) One of our Venturers posing with a new found friend

I’ll have some pictures of actual camp life up later, but the birds are always high on my list. I hope you enjoyed them!

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