Spring Break Starts Today!

21 03 2005

And, as usual, I will find myself up on the Sunshine coast for another fun filled week of camp with NorthPointe Outdoor Adventures.  No more blog until Saturday.  Next NorthPointe camps for the Vancouver area will be in the Summer! 

Have fun in the city folks, because we’re heading out!

Staples is giving away 40 free 4×6 prints!

17 02 2005

Staples is offering a 40 free prints promotion. 

If you’re interested in getting some FREE digital photo prints done, head over to StaplesPhoto.ca.  With coupon code, 85921, you can get 40 4×6 prints for FREE!

I’ve used their service.  I’m happy with the quality, and delivery is free, if you choose a staples store near you to pick up your order.  There’s a charge if youw want it delivered to you home.   Happy developing!

I don’t know how long the offer will last, so get ’em while the gettin’s good!

EDIT – CRAP….looks like they’ve limited out, or some such 😦  There’s a thread going on at:


Also….with Spring Break coming up, do you know what to do with your kids?  Send them camping with NorthPointe Outdoor Adventures (yes, it’s my company )

Back from Camp and getting ready for the next!

17 07 2004

We got back from Camp Byng yesterday, and it was sad to see the campers leave.  They had formed some good friendships, and I hope they continue to stay in touch.  It was an interesting camp, filled with excitement, campfires, fun, and some challenges.  The weather was PERFECT!  We were even treated to a thunderstorm for 10 minutes on the first night.  Very cool…but very LOUD too.  This year, camp is a “survivor” theme, and the campers learned various skills while competing in tribes.  They orienteered, they kayaked, and tried their hand at archery, in their attempt to get their team on the wall of fame.   It was fun…tiring, but fun.  NorthPointe Camps are always fun.

Now, I have 2 days to get ready to head out to Cape Scott.  A seven day trip, which will take us to the most Northwesterly tip of Vancouver Island.  Wind swept sandy beaches, and a lightstation where the keeper sells chocolate bars and pop.  I’m bringing my twoonies along!  Gotta go pack.  Lots of prep left before Monday’s departure.

See you on the trail!

Off to Camp

12 07 2004

Well, I’m off to camp in 5.5 hours!  NorthPointe camps are hard work but lots of fun.  This one is a five day camp.  Not as bad as our 7 day ones, but certainly much harder than the 3 days.  Kayaking/Hiking/Orienteering.  This should be a blast.  As an added bonus, BC Forest Service has lifted the campfire ban, so we’ll be able to have a campfire or two for the kids during the time!  Yipee!  That’s it for a week.  This was my 100th blog post!  Wow.  Thanks for reading!

Looking for Somewhere to Send Your Kid to Camp this Summer?

30 06 2004

Looking for somewhere to send your kid to Camp this summer?

We’re the place – NorthPointe Outdoor Adventures

We’re based out of Vancouver, but our camps are up on the sunshine coast, in a beautiful setting – Camp Byng.  We also do trips to kayak, and hike the area around Gibsons and Sechelt.  We cater to kids 10-15 and it’s a ton of fun.  If you have any doubts, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!  We’ve got a camp starting July 12, 2004 and we’ve got a bit of room still.  I think it would be cool if my blog actually brought in a client 🙂 

You may also have heard our commercials on News1130 – pointing you to http://www.campvancouver.com/  Either way, check out the site, and drop us an email to be sure to guarantee a space.

Obligitory TV Shopping network addin:  “Buy now and receive a free set of Ginsu knives”  (for the humour impaired – you are NOT going to get a free set of Ginsu knives – duh!)

I Heard Our Ad!! It’s Cool to Hear Your Company Being Advertised on a Real Radio Station!

17 06 2004

My company NorthPointe Outdoor Adventures, as you may , or may not, know is running a radio ad campaign on News1130.  The tricky part is that it’s running from 1:00am to 5:00am Pacific Time. Sure, not many kids in the 10 to 15 age bracket, looking to camp in Vancouver and area are up at that time, but some parents are! (Or at least we hope).  We just need to get some calls that say “I heard your Ad” and it will all be worth it 🙂 

Here I am, up at 1:10 am, and I HEARD OUR AD!  It’s COOL!  We sound like a place you’d want to send your kid!  (Which is good, because we ARE a place you’d want to send your kids )

Time to go to bed – Been a productive late night tonight!

We’re Going to have a Radio Ad

11 06 2004

My company, NorthPointe Outdoor Adventures, is going run 30 second spots on news1130 in Vancouver.  All those late night workers will now hear the ad to send their kids camping with us!  It’s all very exciting. 

We were trying to figure out how to get the spelling of “NorthPointe” right on the radio, silent “e” and all, but instead decided go with an easy to remember domain name:  “http://www.campvancouver.com/”  If you hear our ad, please drop by here, and comment.  I’d like to know if people are actually hearing it.

Logo Nightmare

20 05 2004

Anyone want to do some free graphic design work – “professionalizing” a logo?

My company is undergoing a logo change.  We’ve scratched up what we can, but we need a profressional (that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg) to “take it to the next level”


Suggestions? Help?  Leave a comment!

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