I’ve Been Published

23 10 2008

Well, it’s not exactly POP photo, but I’ve been interviewed by a photography magazine.  The magazine hit the virtual stands yesterday and there is a Q&A with me as the feature member of “PhotograpyBB” The website is a great photography resource for people of all photographic skills and really creates a warm friendly atmosphere for all submitters, not just the top 1% like some sites.  They have great forums covering the gamut of photography from Post processing questions to sharing of photos.

The edition of the magazine with me in it is here. (PDF) It also has some great articles on lighting, Spain and PS for Hallowe’en

Back issues can be found here.

I figure that’s MY 15 minutes of fame.


Some of Today’s Visitors to my feeder

18 10 2008

The weather was great today!  I thought the little birds would eat me out of house and home.. they were just devouring the bird seed in prep for winter probably.  I had the following birds come by today that I could identify:

Northern Flicker (no pics 😦 ), Black Capped Chickadee, Chestnut Backed Chickadee, Red Breasted Nuthatch, Oregon Junco, Towhee (no pics), house finch and a Stellar’s Jay.  Here are the pics I DID get:



They were all taken with the Canon 40D with ISO ranging from 400-1600 and with the 100-400L lens @ 400mm

It’s surprisingly relaxing watching birds for a few hours and trying to be really still so that they will come closer.


Red Breasted Nuthatch came to visit

15 10 2008

On Friday, while I was waiting to go to camp with the Scouts, I was sitting and watching my visitors to my feeder.  The usual chickadees, juncos and house finches were there.  Then I noticed a strange little bird that was running up and down my feeder – forwards and backwards.  Odd.  He looked a lot like a chickadee, but with more cinnamon colour to his underparts.  I couldn’t figure out what he was.

A couple of snaps and a posting to the bird forum on http://photography-on-the.net and I learn it’s a Red Breasted Nuthatch.  Without further ado… here s/he is:


Lanzhou Panorama

2 10 2008

I finally managed to stitch together a pano that I shot in Lanzhou from my hotel room.

The composite image is composed of 13 frames taken in manual exposure mode and rotated handheld.  Missing sky was cloned in and there’s some duplication in the bottom right corner 😉

Here’s the 2.5MP larger version and the 65MP REALLY HUGE 12.8MB one

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