Sea Nettles

23 03 2009
We slept over at the Vancouver Aquarium with our Cubs on Saturday night.  It was a LOT of fun.  You get the opportunity to shoot sometimes without the hassle of all the people milling about.
One series…
Sea Nettles at the Vancouver Aquarium




They are mesmerizing to watch floating!


Steveston Judo – February 21, 2009

2 03 2009

Sorry Folks,  I’ve been out of blogging action for a bit.  Last Monday I started feeling like a train hit me and the flu that took a hold of me didn’t really let go until Saturday.   It was a rough ride, but I’m back and better.

Just before feeling like someone had used me for an Olympic class Uke, I managed to finish processing my pictures from the Steveston Judo Tournament held on February 21, 2009.   The tournament is a senior only tournament and as such moves along a bit faster than the ones that include juniors and juveniles.  It started around 1000 and ended quite nicely around 1630.  There was a small contingent of Japanese competitors, but they fought no less fiercely than had there been 20 of them.  There was some great Judo to see and I managed to catch some good action!



The complete Galleries can be seen in two parts:

Steveston Judo Tournament Part 1

Steveston Judo Tournament Part 2

(If you visit the links, please check out the Google ads for him… he’s giving me the space and bandwidth free – THANKS!)

The photos were shot with the Canon 50D using the 70-200 2.8IS lens.  ISO varied up to 3200 at times.  The EXIF is still embedded in the large photos so that you can see the tech stats.  I shot both JPG and RAW and tried processing the RAW shots, but couldn’t get as good a shot as the camera had at JPG, so I took the JPGs and ran them through lightroom to “punch them up” a bit and was really happy with the result.

A GREAT day of Judo and Judo photography.

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