2012-11-20 A nice relaxing day

21 11 2012

We didn’t do too much during the day on the 20th, but we did head over to Mong Kok in the evening to have dinner at a friend’s place.  It was my first time being in a regular Hong Kong apartment.  It was lovely, albeit a bit small.  Apparently the thick concrete walls means that you don’t hear your neighbours, which is good, because everyone lives pretty close to one another!

Our friend has two dogs, which made a significant part of the evening fun – trying to photograph people with dogs 😉

Here are some of my successes:

The Pomeranian – Cookie

The Chocolate Lab – Choco

Mrs Dragonspeed with Cookie

Claire with Choco

and then there are the “Fun trying to shoot dogs” shot:

Between the dogs, the good company and the great food, it was a fun evening!

On the way home, the requisite night shots:

Mong Kok lights:

Night food

The full set of photos is at my flickr set:

Next Blog entry will be Ocean Park!

Two days touring Cuenca, Ecuador

25 07 2012

We spent two days in Cuenca, Ecuador. The weather was "variable" and on a wet Easter Sunday double decker bus ride, we almost had our heads taken off by low hanging wires! Fun times.

Here are some of our shots:

1. Easter Parade

Easter Parade in Cuenca by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

2) Inside of the "New Cathedral"

Catedral de la Inmaculada Conception by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

3) Iglesia San Alfons (aka the Blue Church)

Iglesia de San Alfonso by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

4) Playing musical notes on the crosswalk

Musical Crossing by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

5) That’s a lotta strawberries!

Wheelbarrow FULL of strawberries! by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

6) The landmark New Cathedral domes

Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepción by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

7) Interesting Graffiti in town

Interesting graffiti in Cuenca by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

8) Getting caught in the middle of a Good Friday Procession near Ingapirca

A peacful mob? by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

I hope you enjoy your whirlwind visit to Cuenca via photos!!

If you want to see more, the entire Ecuador collection can be found at:

April 7th, 2012–A Day in Cuenca

22 07 2012

We spent the day wandering around old Cuenca on the 7th.  It was the day before Easter, so things were a bit quiet.  We got some good shots though:

Inside Iglesia de la Merced:
Iglesia de la Merced, Cuenca

The colonial spanish feel to the streets of the old town:
Classis spanish style along the roads in Cuenca 

The azure blue domes of the “New Cathedral”:
Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepción 

They sure had some interesting graffiti in town!
Interesting graffiti in Cuenca

The death of Christ, portrayed in the “Old Cathedral”
The Death of Christ

Mrs Dragonspeed and a wheelbarrow full of strawberries!
Wheelbarrow FULL of strawberries!

I can still sell the warm goodness of the fresh baked buns.. They were delicious!
Fresh baked buns!

The deep fried fish, on the other hand… not so appetizing:

An interesting artefact in the museum of anthropology in Cuenca:
Interesting artefact - Anthropological  Museum, Cuenca

Mrs Dragonspeed in the Panama hat factory:
Panama Hat Factory

It was an interesting (and hot) day of wandering around the old town of Cuenca.  The whole set of photos from the day can be found at my flickr site.


Well… I’m older

5 11 2007

I turned 40 on the weekend.  I’m now on the downhill side of life.  Meh – big deal.  A day older than I was before.

The celebration, on the other hand, was a really nice time.  I went out for the afternoon on Saturday and hung out with my cousin and a friend…relaxed, laughed and had a generally good time.  After that we met up with my other cousin and Mrs D.  We headed out to “Joeys” on Lougheed Highway in Coquitlam.  We got there around 1900.  Wait time estimate: 45-60 minutes.  No problem.  We’ll go hang in the bar.  Apparently there was a wait list for sitting there too so we just stood around and drank bellinis while getting in the general way of the waitresses (good looking ones at that!)  We hung around for probably more like 75 minutes before we got our seats.

We ended up sitting at a table right near where the other “waitees” had to hang out.  I’m not entirely fond of people watching me while I eat.  They really need some kind of divider to separate the “haves” from the “have nots” 😉

While the food was good, the service wasn’t.  Our waiter seemed to largely ignore us during the course of the meal but I didn’t mind too much.  It was good to hang and laugh and tell stories with friends and family while enjoying good drinks and food.

After dinner I had my heart set on “Death by Chocolate”.  I had remembered the one in downtown Vancouver from about 10 years ago and the creations which they made by hand in front of your eyes.  It was a chocolate heaven.  We went over to the one located in Metrotown at the corner of Nelson and Kingsway.  DON’T.  We arrived at 10:45 (I think) and there was one person sitting in this small place.  As we entered she got up and went behind the counter with a “Oh my God – I have to work” look to her face.  I really felt she’d have been happier if we HADN’T stepped into her shop.  We left.

We then headed down to the “Death by Chocolate” located near Granville and Broadway.  This was better.  The place actually had clients and they were enjoying coffees and confections.  I didn’t see anyone handmaking anything, but I figured this would do nicely. 

“I’m sorry, we’re not seating anymore, but you can get take out”. 

They apparently were going to close in about 15 minutes too 😦

Well, we were parked already and not far from Cheescake etc. down on Granville at 5th.  We decided to head down there.  It WAS getting to be midnight and we wanted to get on with having dessert!  

Cheesecake etc, pleasantly, was still the little hole in the wall that I recalled, dimly lit with gentle jazz playing in the background.  Finally – a place that met my expectations!  We had our various cheescakes and coffees and hung out, enjoying the end of my birthday.  We didn’t stay too long though, as one of my cousins had to be on a plane in the morning.

On our drive back home, we noticed a lot of police cars on Granville St, near 20th.  Turns out there had just been another Gangland hit.  Gotta love life in the big city.

We got home at about 0100 and I finished the day off with a little Halo 3.  A good birthday day!

Sunday was good too!  Dim Sum with cousin and friends.  Nothing like the fun of taking a western person to Dim Sum for the first time!!! LOL!  Good times!

Thanks to R,S,R, Scouter E, Baggy, P and  Mrs D for the great weekend time!  Love you all!

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