Adobe PDF previewer in Outlook 2007!

26 03 2007

Finally!  Someone has written a COM handler so that a PDF previewer using Acrobat 8’s ActiveX component will work in Outlook 2K7. 

Thank God.  And Thanks Ryan Gregg

via Omar’s Blog

Lesson for the day

15 03 2007

Lesson for the day:

When you have a 6 bay RAID unit and one drive goes out, you have a problem.

When you remove that drive and then another 2 drives go out you have a VERY, VERY long night.


5 disk RAID 5 can’t survive with only 3 drives 😦

And so goes my night……


12 03 2007

There are some days when you ask “Why?” and the people you want to answer don’t.

Today is one of those days.

Reifel Bird Sanctuary – Delta Canada 2007/03/03

4 03 2007

As part of a Cub day outing, we went to the Reifel Bird Sanctuary in Delta on Saturday.  The weather was nice, and there were so many different birds to see.  It was a great outing.

This Great Blue Heron very stoically watched us as we passed by..

All the Pics are here:

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