Horrible stories of looting in New Orleans

31 08 2005

This is saddening

Drowning girl saved by computer!

31 08 2005

The Poseidon System has saved a potential drowning victim in Bangor Wales by using an algorithm to determine that she was unconscious underwater, from pictures.  It alerted the lifeguard, and they were able to save the girl!

One of the safety system’s four underwater cameras showed her sinking without any sign of a struggle into the 12ft 6in deep end.

Once she had lain motionless on the pool floor for three seconds, the computer sounded an alarm which also pinpointed which part of the pool the girl was in to the five lifeguards on duty.

For the full article, check out the BBC’s page.

Dogpile has a cool comparison tool

31 08 2005

Check it out:

In the same breath, I should mention a cool Yahoo! vs. Google comparison tool.

Looks like AP/Yahoo! is blinded by colour…

30 08 2005

In the wake of Katrina:

Black people loot, white people borrow.  In case the pages change – there are mirrors right here

Apparently AP sees black people as looting from their local merchants, while white folks are simply “finding” items at their nearby stores…. Someone’s gonna get fired.

Thanks to Metafilter for aggregating this info.

Google Talk

30 08 2005

So, I just installed Google talk.  Slick, simple, nice.  Now a few improvements would be nice:

  1. Don’t require a GMail email address
  2. Interoperation with other IM’s
  3. Display pics
  4. File transfer(?)
  5. Emoticons
  6. Time stamps!!!

Keep the interface simple though…it’s nice and clean!

Photomontage broken down into its component parts

30 08 2005

Steve Caplin, an independent photo illustrator breaks down how he did a particular montage, and in the process explains the basics behind almost any sort of montage.

Excellent article.

Pictures from my Alpine Adventure

30 08 2005

Well, I got a quick smattering of pictures up from my trip to Russet Lake and Fissile Mountain.

Check ’em out.  You can even leave comments.


Edit – having lost my original blog, these photos are no longer available.  I will have to put them up on my gallery soon

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