22 01 2009

2 People were sentenced to execution in China for their part in the tainted milk scandal.


Seems a bit harsh. 

I’m glad I’m Canadian!


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Vancouver in the Fog

20 01 2009

I got up at 0545 to make the trek out to the viewpoint for the shots. I didn’t know if I’d be disappointed….

Definitely NOT disappointed!

1) Lion’s Gate Bridge   (this shot was on Wayne’s Weather Window!!)

2) Vancouver under the fog at Sunrise

More available at: My Photo Galleries



Mountains and Rivers Near Squamish BC

18 01 2009

I was out shooting Eagles yesterday.  Of course they aren’t going to give you non-stop action.  The nice thing is that when there is a break in the Eagle activity you can just look around and soak up so much of the incredible view in the surrounding area.  Here are some of my “filler” shots that I took while out in Squamish.

1. Mount Garibaldi (with HDR treatment)

2. Unknown Peak in the Tantalus Range

3.Ridge in the Tantalus Mountains

4.Mount Garibaldi in portrait

5. Squamish River

6. Squamish River

7. Mamquam River and Tantalus Mountains

Eagles of Brackendale

18 01 2009

Every year in December/January large gatherings of bald eagles come to Brackendale to feast of the carcasses of Chum and Coho Salmon in the many rivers that empty into the ocean near there.

I went out today for 5 hours shooting and got some decent shots.

Here, at first glance are a few…

1. Juvenile Bald Eagle
Juvenile Eagle

2. Juvenile Bald Eagle
Juvenile Eagle

3. Adult Bald Eagle
Adult Eagle

4. Adult Bald Eagle
Adult Eagle

There are almost 300 photos to sift through… The whole photo album of shots can be seen here: http://www.fotothing.com/albums.php?action=viewphotos&albumid=3294

Cabin Fever

3 01 2009

With the very wintery weather for the past two weeks here in Vancouver, it has been hard to get out and about.   The little birds still visit the feeder, but there is so much snow on my balcony that I can’t get out and shoot them easily either :(  I’ve taken to taking some indoor pictures recently instead.   I figured I’d try my hand at some portrait shots.  Here are my results:

Canon 50D, 17-55ISUSM @ 51mm, 430EX II, ISO 100, 1/60s, F2.8

Canon 50D, 17-55ISUSM @ 17mm, 430EX II, ISO 400, 1/60s, F4

Canon 50D, 17-55ISUSM @ 21mm, ISO 400, 1/8s, F2.8

Canon 50D, 17-55ISUSM @ 33mm, ISO 400, 1/40s, F2.8

  Enjoy the New Year!  Grasp each day and say to yourself, “What can I do to make the world a better place?”


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