A couple of Pileated Woodpeckers came to visit again

31 10 2009

Mrs Dragonspeed shot this video of Mr and Mrs Pileated as they came by to visit just the other day…

Notice how Mr Pileated apparently wants more than my suet and takes a chunk out of my railing!!! 😦

My pileated friend is back!

30 10 2009
If you get tired of seeing this guy – just shout 🙂

These were shot with the 70-200… Love that nice narrow DOF!
Clicking on each shot will bring you to a LARGER version that is decidely nicer in sharpness/colour.

Woodpecker Saturday

17 10 2009

I was away for a week, resulting in some hungry birds apparently in the neighbourhood.  Once I refilled the feeder and the suet cage things were hopping!
4 different woodpeckers came by today.  I got some shots of 3 of them:
Pileated male:
pileated woodpecker birds Burnaby BC Canada
Pileated male grabbing a bite (and dwarfing my suet cage):
pileated woodpecker birds Burnaby BC Canada
Male Northern Flicker (red-shafted):
Northern redshafted Flicker birds Burnaby BC Canada
Hairy woodpecker (a first time shot for me):
woodpecker hairy birds Burnaby BC Canada

A couple more safari pics finally processed..

9 10 2009

I think it’s going to take a serious part of my lifetime to get all my safari pics posted but here are a couple that we took while passing through the serengeti.  I loved the feeling of solitude in the first and the colour the sun imparted to the second.  I hope you enjoy this brief virtual visit to Tanzania

Umbrella in a storm:
acacia Serengeti Tanzania TropicalTrails Safari Africa


Yellow Bark acacia at sunset (No – that’s NOT A WB issue…the sun was almost red!):
acacia Serengeti Tanzania TropicalTrails Safari Africa

The whole set of our African trip (being added still) can be seen at: My Africa Album on Fotothing

Google Street View – Alive in Canada!

7 10 2009

Fun times…

My old home in Ottawa

Me – on the street in Vancouver, a few blocks from my work (I’m on the RIGHT as you see us walking by the 7-11)

Virtual Tourism!

Also live in the tourist meccas of Squamish, Waterloo, Kitchener and other lesser cities such as Montreal, Toronto and environs.

Backpacking into Alder Flats

5 10 2009

It has been a number of years since I led our Scouts into a backpacking trip. I was afraid that I’d forget something or that I wouldn’t have them correctly prepared.  I was pretty stressed getting ready for this trip.  October trips in the Vancouver area usually mean tarps and rain – attempting to avoid a complete drenching.  I was pretty leary about backpacking.

It turns out that I was over concerned.  The weather turned out to be spectacular and most importantly DRY.  Even the ones that didn’t quite have all their gear packed correctly, that would have spelled misery in bad weather, managed to keep it all together.

We were destined for “Alder Flats”, an area that is open and, unsurprisingly, full of alders.  The campsite is along the trail to the peak for Golden Ears (a 12 hour round trip, big elevation gain, hike).  The site was about 5.5 km in and about 250m elevation gain.

The beginning of the hike (about the first 3km) are quite smooth and easy as you hike along what was once an old logging road which is now overgrown to leave only a narrow trail in places and slightly wider one in others.  After 3km things started to get more technical as you had to navigate rocks, hike up flowing creek beds and avoid slipping on the eternally wet tree roots.  It was muddy in places and it was fun to watch the kids try to hop over and avoid puddles despite the fact that they had good waterproof boots.  I kept telling them to just keep their stride and not to keep trying to hop and manoeuvre around everything all the time as it would only tire them out.

As we approached our destination the spirits of my hiking Scouts started to flag.  They were wearing out.  This was the first time that they had hiked, having to carry everything on their backs. Their hips and shoulders were tired.  When we crossed the last creek, I knew our campsite would be close.  We came across some flat openings in the fir trees near a creek and decided to settle there even though it wasn’t officially “Alder Flats”.  It turns out that the actual location we had wanted was about 100m further up.  The flats, themselves, didn’t have easy access to clean flowing water so I’m glad we camped where we did.  We made it up to the site in about 2.5 hours.  Our camping location was actually 49.36282N, 122.46951W

Upon arrival they all set up their tents and looked after all their necessities of camping.  I won’t bore you with all the details but they had fun, learned a lot (like the fact that 1kg of pepperoni is more than enough for 3 people!) and that if you actually pack well all your belongings can fit in your backpack.

On Sunday we went up to the boulder field by Alder Flats and spent some time for Scouts’ Own and enjoyed the beautiful view of Edge Peak.  We hiked back down after that – it only took 2 hours.  I think they were motivated to get off the trail 🙂

Good Hiking Scouts!  Here are a couple of pictures from Sunday Morning:


Edge Peak:
Scouts Marpole hiking GoldenEars camping backpacking BC Canada

40th Marpole Scouts with Edge Peak in the Background:
Scouts Marpole hiking GoldenEars camping backpacking BC Canada

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