Animals of the Serengeti–Day 5 on Safari

15 07 2016

Day 5 of our Safari took us from the Northern Serengeti down to Ngorongoro crater, where we finished the day.

Along the way, here are some of the sights:

1. The Pride waching us

The pride watching us…
by Brian Hampson, on Flickr

2. Momma Baboon and her baby

Mom and baby
by Brian Hampson, on Flickr

3. Standoff

Uneasy standoff
by Brian Hampson, on Flickr

4. Generations

Elephant generations
by Brian Hampson, on Flickr

5. Leopard Tortoise

Leopard Tortoise
by Brian Hampson, on Flickr

6. Goofy Giraffe

Photobomb! by Brian Hampson, on Flickr

7. Contented Lions

How many lions?
by Brian Hampson, on Flickr

For the whole day’s pictures including a beautiful leopard, see:

Thanks for taking the time to look and comment!


Safari Day 2– Tarangire–> Serengeti

26 06 2016

On Day 2 we travelled from Tarangire up to Serengeti…. A sampling of the beautiful beasts we saw that day:

1. The omnipresent Wildebeest

Run free!
by Brian Hampson, on Flickr

2. The Graceful giants of the Plains

Graceful Giants on the Plains
by Brian Hampson, on Flickr

3. Ex-Wildebeest

Once a Wildebeest
by Brian Hampson, on Flickr

4. Grant’s Gazelle

Grant’s Gazelle
by Brian Hampson, on Flickr

5. Relaxing

Paws up if you’re content
by Brian Hampson, on Flickr

6. On the lookout

Waiting for food.
by Brian Hampson, on Flickr

7. The Great Migration at sunset…

The Great Migration at sunset
by Brian Hampson, on Flickr

There are many non-animal pictures from the day as well (birds, landscape) – feel free to check them out at:

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OOB Out of Control

23 03 2014

OK, so I may have gone a bit crazy with the OOB photos recently, but I’m going to take a rest from it for a while.

Here are the latest creations:


Stepping out! by DragonSpeed, on Flickr


Anything interesting out here? by DragonSpeed, on Flickr


Looking for better grass by DragonSpeed, on Flickr


OOB Eagles by DragonSpeed, on Flickr


OOB Cambodian Monks 1 by DragonSpeed, on Flickr


OOB Lion Cub by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

Have you done any OOB work?  Feel free to link it in the comments!

Fun with Photoshop

14 03 2014

I was looking over some old photos recently and realized that I hadn’t done an OOB (Out Of Bounds) one recently.  OOB is the art of making it appear that your subject in the photo is coming out of the frame.  It can make for some fun shots. You can try it yourself with Photoshop using this OOB tutorial by Serrator

I took a lion cub and gave him a bit more life.


The original:

Play time!

After some playing around… The finished product:

OOB Lion Cub

It’s fun, and not that hard to do.  It takes the right kind of photo though, but you get an eye for what will likely work, and what won’t as you do it more.

I haven’t done many, but they are in my little set called OOB.

Have fun!  If you do create one, I’d live to see a link to it in the comments!

The King of the Beasts

5 02 2013

While the Lion may be "The King of the Beasts" it was pretty obvious that it was the LIONESS that did the real work in the kingdom. Here are the top shots from our Tanzania Safari in 2009

1. Looks like someone outlasted Mom this time

Play time! by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

2. Your very own pet lioness?

Your very own pet lioness? by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

3. "Hey — anyone see Fred recently?"

"Hey – Where’s Fred?" by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

4. On the Lookout

Nursing Cubs is a Community Effort by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

5. A lioness passes VERY near by

Nursing Cubs is a Community Effort by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

6. Lion cubs so close you had to move back to focus!

Nursing Cubs is a Community Effort by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

7. A pair of young (5yr old) males

Young Brothers by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

8. Adult Male in Ngorongoro

Adult Male Lion by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

The full set of Lions is at:…th/8448680466/

The whole Africa trip:…th/8448680466/

I hope you enjoy seeing the photos as much we enjoyed taking them!

Panthera Leo – King of the Beasts

24 07 2009

Lion (Panthera leo)
Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Lions usually hunt in prides. The females hunt and the males show up for food when they are good and ready. Once the kill has been taken down and the females have had a chance to tear up the carcase, the cubs feed and then the male comes for food. There is one male to a pride of females, but sometimes young males will roam together for a while and hunt in a coordinated unit, not having a pride of their own. We saw many lions on our trip… it almost became commonplace. The lioness in these pictures has been collared (for studies probably). We saw 4 collared lions during our time in the Serengeti. The two males were estimated at around 10 yrs old and the big standing guy was probably about the same. His pride was all sleeping in the tall grass – about 8 lionesses and 10 cubs. The lion in the tall grass that looks like he just showered is probably a young male at 2-3 years old. It’s quite unusual to see such old males hanging together – likely brothers. Wow – these cats are HUGE!








What a fantastic trip!!!

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