Pictures from the Cleveland Zoo – March 27, 2011

23 05 2011

After a weekend’s work, I was able to slip away on the Sunday afternoon and shoot at the Cleveland Zoo at the end of March.  The admission was reasonable and there was a large area to cover.  Some of the exhibits weren’t open (Australian/African) due to the climate but there was still a lot of animals to see.  It seems like life has been non-stop since then.  I finally had a chance to work up the photos. Here are some of the shots (they are geotagged – you can see EXACTLY where they were taken if you go to the flickr link) : 


King de-throned by DragonSpeed, on Flickr


Cuddly by DragonSpeed, on Flickr


Dreaming of Freedom by DragonSpeed, on Flickr


I wonder if I have a brain by DragonSpeed, on Flickr


Yawning by DragonSpeed, on Flickr


I think I have something in my teeth by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

I hope you enjoyed them… it’s quite a nice zoo, roomier than many but feel sorry for the animals – they can never really have enough room there, but it does allow people to learn about them and to understand the conservation needs in a more face-to-face way.

Paris vs. “Paris”

3 05 2011

It struck me that I can now compare and contrast Paris vs “Paris”

The REAL thing:

Paris France EiffelTower Eiffel

Then the Vegas version:

City of Lights

I think I prefer the real thing :)  Vive La France!

10 Days in Vegas

1 05 2011

I just got back from spending 10 days in Vegas.  I was going to blog about my daily activities, shopping, show watching and gambling, I decided to go with “What Happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas” 🙂

We DID do a few trips out of town… Here are a couple of shots from Valley of Fire State Park.

The sky was soo clear and the polarizer really helped the rocks and sky POP!

Rainbow by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

The link takes you to the pano that’s 2K wide. What an AMAZING view!

Panorama of the Valley of Fire by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

There are still hundreds more… those will come soon, but I’m SOOO far behind 😦

OK – I lied… Not EVERYTHING that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…

Las Vegas-20110428-00021

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