OK I’m scared!

30 10 2004

From http://www.electoral-vote.com/

Electoral Vote Predictor 2004:   Kerry 243 Bush 280

Strong Kerry (88)
Weak Kerry (103)
Barely Kerry (52)

Exactly tied (15)

Barely Bush (62)
Weak Bush (71)
Strong Bush (147)

Needed to win: 270

Come on people in the US PLEASE, PLEASE get out and vote for Kerry.   Bush HAS to lose! The WORLD, and YOU need him to lose.  Please!

Think about it….do you remember pre-9/11?  Perhaps we might all get back closer to that, if we can get rid of this group of idiots that he keeps for company.  You CAN make a difference with your one vote….even if you aren’t in a “battleground” state.  Who cares if your state shows overwhelmingly “Bush” – Get out and vote against him…let him know that there are people out there that actually CARE about what happens in their country, and want their country to regain their image as a peacemaker, not war maker.  None of this will happen if you don’t get out an VOTE. 

From your neighbor to the north, I ask plead with you to “Do the Right Thing”.

If Bush had OK’d an earlier mission to kill Zarqawi, we probably wouldn’t have beheadings as the news of the day.

30 10 2004

Over at Slate, there is an excellent opinion piece that if the US had gone in, back in 2003, when they knew that Zarqawi was at a camp in Iraq, making Ricin, and training terrorists, that we wouldn’t have beheadings as daily news items.  Shame on Mr. Bush 😦

Everyone is weighing in on this US election

29 10 2004

Interesting to see Osama Stumping for Kerry in the US election..

Because he can 🙂

They still haven’t got him.  Who?  Oh yeah, the guy that actually hit the US…not that guy in Iraq with the WMD’s

From Yahoo! News:

He accused President Bush of “misleading” the American people since the 2001 suicide airline hijackings that hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon .


Dave Winer agrees as well.

Further reading elsewhere indicates that this might fall in Bush’s favour.  “We have to re-elect Bush, so that he can continue to hunt down this ruthless killer”.  “His appearance helped me understand why we have our freedoms curtailed…Go get ’em dubya!”  That kind of thing might just start welling up – heaven forbid.

Gmail exploit discovered

29 10 2004

Like anything popular, GMail has been banged about and attacked by the hacker community. It looks like someone finally found a chink in the armor. 😦

The Register is reporting a vulnerability that could be exploited allowing others access to your mailbox.

Originally reported by Nana – an Israeli news site.

Google knows about it.  Let’s hope they’re fixing it.  In the mean time…don’t go to bad places on the ‘Net (of course, you’d NEVER do that – would you?)

2004-11-03 Google reports bug fixed.

My Political Compass

28 10 2004

Over at PoliticalCompass.org (terribly original name) they have a “Political Compass” test.  Here’s my result:

The Political Compass

Economic Left/Right: -6.12
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.82

I appear to line up close to Nelson Mandela – Definitely could be with worse company 🙂

Where does your compass point?

Netcraft: George Bush’s Website blocking foreign IPs

27 10 2004

From Netcraft:

The official campaign web site for U.S. President George W. Bush appears to be rejecting visitors from most points outside the United States, while allowing access from U.S. locations.

Netcraft monitors web site response times from seven locations, including four within the United States and three in other countries. Since Monday morning, requests to GeorgeWBush.com from stations in London, Amsterdam and Sydney, Australia have failed, while the four U.S. monitoring stations show no performance problems. Web users in Canada report they are able to visit the site.

You know – after they prohibited us from bidding on rebuilding contracts for Iraq, and they continue to thwart any softwood lumber agreement, they’ve been awfully nice to us Canadians now that they want our Flu vaccine 🙂

What about those Americans that are living overseas – I guess they can’t find out the good things about Dubya.  So, I suppose it’s only logical that they vote for Kerry, who’s site they CAN get to see.

Love Cats – Hate Allergies…Have we got the answer for you!

26 10 2004

Allerca is taking reservations for delivery of hypo-allergenic kittens.  Delivered for the mere price of $3500USD.  Obviously for those that have a fixation with having a cat – no matter what the cost (including GM’ing the cat!)

Here – let me save you some money – if you’re allergic to cats – with this HOT tip!  Don’t buy a cat!  Save $3500 and buy some other pet.  Life won’t end if you don’t get the cat.  Plus some cat isn’t going to get GM’ed.

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