The Hunter – at rest

27 06 2009

While on safari, it truly is amazing how close you can get to the animals while in your Land Cruiser.  This lioness, with the rest of her pride, had obviously had a busy night hunting and were content to just hang out on the rocks as we passed by.  Beautiful animals!


The Circle of Life

22 06 2009

OK, so it’s not exactly the way Disney would have you see it – but it is the REAL circle of life.  Nature’s cleaners were everywhere as we travelled through the parks in Tanzania..  The White Backed Vulture on a carcass:

The (constantly – albeit slowly – growing album is on my FOTOTHING


A beautiful Tanzanian Sunset

16 06 2009

Sunset on the Serengeti

Sigh – it feels like so long ago already.


We Leave Zanzibar today

5 06 2009

Today is the beginning of the end.  We have had a great safari up in northern Tanzania and have been enjoying the tropical beauty that is Zanzibar for the last 5 days. 

We’re heading out of town on the 1300 ferry and will head to a beach resort south of Dar es Salaam for 2 days before we begin our journey home…. 

See you all soon!

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