Merry Christmas World!

25 12 2008

Dear World,

Merry Christmas!

Let love and peace enter your hearts at all times, not just during Christmas. Put aside your differences and look for common ground with your "enemies"



A tale of two dogs, pepper spray and a one legged woman

23 12 2008

Only in East Vancouver!

Yesterday at lunch, I was walking back to work from the restaurant and my co-worker and I passed a man and his dog out in front of his apartment block.  The young german shepherd seemed to be enjoying the snow.  We commented that his dog really seemed to love the winter snow.

About 40 feet away we passed a woman clearing the snow from her car. Her dog was around her.   We noticed the dog started running toward the young shepherd.  The woman called her dog back a number of times but dogs will be dogs…  Next there was some barking and some growling…  Things deteriorated. 

The second dog clamped down on the shepherd and the owner of the shepherd was trying to drag his dog back into the apartment.  He was cursing and laying the boots to the other dog.  We had passed the scene a bit by now but had stopped when we heard the noises.  We noticed that the second dog was a pit bull and was not planning on releasing from this other dog’s leg. 

The man’s girlfriend handed him some pepper spray (who would have pepper spray handy like that you ask? – East Van residents, I guess) and he started spraying the pit bull.  No effect.  He wasn’t letting go.  They have a long genetic line telling them to “HOLD ON!”   The woman started to head over from the car to the dogs and we notice that she’s on crutches and only has one leg.  She’s “running” as fast as she can in the foot of fresh snow, and wipes out about 10 feet short of the action.

I decided that I should help.  Things had deteriorated severely by now.  I ran over to help with the dogs.   The fallen woman had been using crutches so I grabbed one of her crutches and gave the dog a few solid whacks to the throat to try and induce a cough reflex.  The shepherd owner was still trying to get his dog in the apartment while peppering the pit bull (note… they don’t care about pepper spray) At the threshold of the apartment, I managed to jam the pit bull’s neck between the door frame and the crutch.  He let go of the other dog long enough for the other dog owner to get his dog into the building.  With the crutch and our feet, we managed to get the pit bull out of the building.  The shepherd owner is laying loose a string of curse words aimed at the dog, the woman… He was not happy.(justifiably so)  He didn’t seem to be overly concerned about the one legged woman on the ground in the snow.  Her dog having happily trotted off to try and wipe the pepper spray off seemed to have forgotten the whole incident even happened.

With pepper spray residue on my hands, I got the woman back her crutch, made sure she was alright and told her that she had better have much better control of her dog in the future.  I didn’t even bother to listen to her answer.  I wanted no more part of this whole mess.  My friend and I decided we had best be on our way before the shepherd owner decided to come back out with something more lethal than pepper spray. 

Definitely an eventful walk back to work from lunch.

Later that afternoon, after having washed my hands 5 or 6 times already,  I rubbed my eye as it was itchy.  Now I know what pepper spray in your eyes feels like!!!  Thank God I work in a lab… It was right over to the eyewash station and a LONG LONG rinse.  The pepper residue stays on you for a LONG time.  When I got home and showered that evening, I could STILL feel the burn where the pepper spray had been on the back of my hands.  Not nice.  (Note to self – Don’t piss off a cop either… they carry pepper spray as well!)

That was my day yesterday.. how was yours? 🙂

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Hello Winter!

22 12 2008

We don’t usually get snow in Vancouver, let alone LOTS of it.  This weekend we saw about 18” of the white powder come drifting from the sky.

It was a winter wonderland!

Of course it wasn’t so wonderful for some people as they left their vehicles abandoned:


But apparently for others it was great:

Looks like we’re going to have a white Christmas this year.

More pictures can be seen at


A Cornucopia of Birds!

16 12 2008

With apologies to those with a slow internet connection……

It was cold, sunny weather this past weekend (Note – cold in Vancouver is denoted by below +2C).  I had some great opportunities to go out and shoot some birds.  Down at Burnaby Lake on Saturday morning and then back at the house for the rest of the weekend…

I’m going to break down the birds into a post per species to make it a bit easier 🙂

Downy Woodpecker
Spotted Towhee
Red Breasted Nuthatch
Oregon Juncos
Pine Siskins
Various Ducks
Green Winged Teals
Various Birds

Enjoy them!  It was fun getting out and shooting!

Assorted Birds at Burnaby Lake

16 12 2008

Various Birds at Burnaby Lake

Shot with the Canon 50D 100-400mm @ 400mm mostly.  EXIF is available on the full size (click on the one you see here to get that)

1. Male Red-winged Blackbird
redwing blackbird Burnaby BC Canada

2. Male Red-winged Blackbird
Blackbird redwing Burnaby BC Canada

3. Song Sparrow
Sparrow Burnaby BC Canada

4. Fox Sparrow
Sparrow Burnaby BC Canada

5. Black Capped Chickadee (with a teeny, tiny band)
blackcapped chickadee Burnaby BC Canada

6. Song Sparrow
sparrow Burnaby BC Canada

7. Glaucous Winged Gull  enjoying a fishy meal
glaucous gull Burnaby BC Canada

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Green Winged Teals

16 12 2008

A few Green Winged Teals from Burnaby Lake
Shot with the Canon 50D 100-400mm @ 400mm mostly.  EXIF is available on the full size (click on the one you see here to get that)

greenwinged teal Burnaby BC Canada

green winged teal Burnaby BC Canada

green winged teal Burnaby BC Canada

Various Ducks

16 12 2008

Down at Burnaby Lake – the ducks and birds were a plenty on Saturday morning.
Shot with the Canon 50D 100-400mm @ 400mm mostly.  EXIF is available on the full size (click on the one you see here to get that)

1. Male Wood Duck
Woodduck Burnaby BC Canada

2. Female Wood Duck
Woodduck Burnaby BC Canada

3. Male Mallard – coming in for a landing
Mallard duck Burnaby BC Canada

4. The multitudes – enjoying the sun.
Ducks lake Burnaby BC Canada

5. Duck Bums
ducks lake Burnaby BC Canada

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