Pacific Jamboree – 2015

14 09 2015

The Pacific Jamboree – 2015 was held near Sooke BC, in July this year. Here are some shots from our fun filled week, hopefully showcasing the great time we had with 3000 of our closest friends! :)

1. Opening Ceremonies – crowd shot
by 28th Vancouver Scout Group, on Flickr

2. The addictive fun of badge trading
by 28th Vancouver Scout Group, on Flickr

3. Close Quarters
by 28th Vancouver Scout Group, on Flickr

4. Unbelievably, they let ME throw a hatchet! :)
by 28th Vancouver Scout Group, on Flickr

5. Learning Scuba
by 28th Vancouver Scout Group, on Flickr

6. Pole Climbing
by 28th Vancouver Scout Group, on Flickr

7. Rock Climbing
by 28th Vancouver Scout Group, on Flickr

And so much more!!! The 7 day event was a blast, and you can see how much fun it was in the whole album:

I hope you enjoy viewing as much as we enjoyed doing!

OOB Out of Control

23 03 2014

OK, so I may have gone a bit crazy with the OOB photos recently, but I’m going to take a rest from it for a while.

Here are the latest creations:


Stepping out! by DragonSpeed, on Flickr


Anything interesting out here? by DragonSpeed, on Flickr


Looking for better grass by DragonSpeed, on Flickr


OOB Eagles by DragonSpeed, on Flickr


OOB Cambodian Monks 1 by DragonSpeed, on Flickr


OOB Lion Cub by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

Have you done any OOB work?  Feel free to link it in the comments!

Fun with Photoshop

14 03 2014

I was looking over some old photos recently and realized that I hadn’t done an OOB (Out Of Bounds) one recently.  OOB is the art of making it appear that your subject in the photo is coming out of the frame.  It can make for some fun shots. You can try it yourself with Photoshop using this OOB tutorial by Serrator

I took a lion cub and gave him a bit more life.


The original:

Play time!

After some playing around… The finished product:

OOB Lion Cub

It’s fun, and not that hard to do.  It takes the right kind of photo though, but you get an eye for what will likely work, and what won’t as you do it more.

I haven’t done many, but they are in my little set called OOB.

Have fun!  If you do create one, I’d live to see a link to it in the comments!

2013 In Photos

1 01 2014

I took a bit of time and made a "2013 in Review"

The Year 2013 in Photos by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

If you click the link, you can see the larger size.

Reminiscing… The Aurora Borealis

7 04 2013

I was just revisiting some of our Aurora pictures… Funny, but this one keeps sticking with me. It looks like a cloudy night, but every bit of "texture" you see in the sky is created by the Aurora Borealis. The actual night sky is clear (as can be seen from the visible stars) It really felt like it was "storm clouds of Aurora" coming over from the North. You can’t really put it fully into words…

Aurora Borealis – The Northern Lights by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

God’s wonder never ceases to amaze!  I can see myself planning a trip again…


9 06 2011


In the post above, the author mentions that they think my hummingbird is photoshopped on.  I can tell you with certainty that it is NOT, and that it’s the VERY narrow DoF that you get when you shoot a hummingbird at 7 feet away and a 400mm  lens with F/5.6

The head is well focused but the body gets blurred.  Thank you for stopping by for today’s quick lesson in depth of focus and telephoto photography.

Finches, Hummingbirds, Jays! What a great time to have a feeder

4 06 2011

Things are active around the feeders these days and the hummingbirds seem to be more tolerant of me shooting. Here are some shots from yesterday.

1. My Wet Steller’s Jay
Wet Steller’s Jay by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

2. Dodging raindrops.
Male Rufous Hummingbird by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

3. In flight.
Hummer in flight by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

4. A Photoshop rescue – this one was soo dark in the fir tree boughs
Showing off his stuff by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

5. Male American Goldfinch
Sitting pretty by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

6. Juvenile House Finch
Immature House Finch by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

It’s a great time to be shooting backyard birds!

Moonset over the Mountains

13 08 2010

Last night’s planetary alignment was a bust for me, the haze in our air making it impossible to see anything other than Venus  and the moon.  So…  The moon it was:

moon crescent sunset vancouver bc Canada

moon crescent sunset vancouver bc Canada

The colours are natural!  No colour specific PP was done to these photos.

Pike’s Peak

16 05 2010

Since you’ve read about it, I should also show you:

Click on the images for larger versions 🙂

From below:

PikesPeak Colorado

And a panorama view from almost the top:

pikespeak mountain panorama colorado pikes peak

Vancouver International Judo Tournament – 2010 Pictures

31 03 2010

These are pretty late, but I’ve been swamped with other things that have required my attention in the last couple of months.

The whole series can be seen at:

Here are a few select images:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Our Fog Came Back!

28 12 2009

We had a good run of fog back in January and it caused a great stir around the Internets…  Our fog came back but not quite as dramatically this time.


Here’s one from after the sunrise:

fog Vancouver sunrise 

There are more…but it’s the Christmas holidays and there is so much to do!!

[edit – another one from BEFORE the sunrise..]

Fog Vancouver Sunrise

The whole set of fog shots can now be seen at:


A quick walk into Brandywine Meadows

3 08 2009

Yesterday, we took a couple of friends in to see Brandywine meadows.  The road to get there is a little more confusing but it’s not too hard.

Having a 4 wheel drive Tundra is handy.. Instead of having to hike up 600m to get to the meadows, we can pretty much drive to within 30 minutes of them!  It was VERY hot but we were rewarded with some amazing views.

Here is the headwaters of Brandywine Creek – Brandywine Mountain and Metal Dome – a 37 photo panorama

Beautiful place!

Another from the hike.  5 shot pano.  Beautiful pink flowers in abundance:

2009-08-06:  I created a PHOTOSYNTH of the meadows…  Not bad for a first attempt

Ngorongoro Crater from the Rim

8 07 2009

Our Lodge at the crater was perched RIGHT on the rim.  It was as if you were floating above the incredible caldera below.  As the evening sun began to colour the crater we arrived in time to get this stunning panorama before darkness fell on the big flat bowl below us.

Shot from the Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge on the rim of the crater (from the window of our room!), this is a composite of 15 frames. Click for larger version.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania

More OOB fun!

16 02 2009

I found myself on Friday looking for more images to make “OOB” or Out of Bounds.  Some just seem to be more suited to the idea than others.

I did, finally, find this one.  It has a nice double feeling… With the OOB Scouts looking for their way (perhaps back in bounds?):

My latest fun:

OOB SteinValley Scouts BC Canada


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OOB Downy Woodpecker

12 02 2009

Using Serrator’s Excellent OOB tutorial, after the Jay previously, I hacked up Mrs Downy Woodpecker: 

Better than my first try…  This is sort of addictive 🙂

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OOB Steller’s Jay

11 02 2009

Using Serrator’s Excellent OOB tutorial, I came up with this guy:

That was my first try… I’ve got to find things that aren’t so fuzzy, I think.

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Cabin Fever

3 01 2009

With the very wintery weather for the past two weeks here in Vancouver, it has been hard to get out and about.   The little birds still visit the feeder, but there is so much snow on my balcony that I can’t get out and shoot them easily either :(  I’ve taken to taking some indoor pictures recently instead.   I figured I’d try my hand at some portrait shots.  Here are my results:

Canon 50D, 17-55ISUSM @ 51mm, 430EX II, ISO 100, 1/60s, F2.8

Canon 50D, 17-55ISUSM @ 17mm, 430EX II, ISO 400, 1/60s, F4

Canon 50D, 17-55ISUSM @ 21mm, ISO 400, 1/8s, F2.8

Canon 50D, 17-55ISUSM @ 33mm, ISO 400, 1/40s, F2.8

  Enjoy the New Year!  Grasp each day and say to yourself, “What can I do to make the world a better place?”


Lanzhou Panorama

2 10 2008

I finally managed to stitch together a pano that I shot in Lanzhou from my hotel room.

The composite image is composed of 13 frames taken in manual exposure mode and rotated handheld.  Missing sky was cloned in and there’s some duplication in the bottom right corner 😉

Here’s the 2.5MP larger version and the 65MP REALLY HUGE 12.8MB one

Tonight’s Waning Moon

23 01 2008

I took advantage of tonight’s (January 23, 2008) waning moon to try out my new Canon 40D and the “Remote Live View” feature.

I took my telescope (1000mm, F/10 4.13″ Objective) out and let it condition in the cold for about 1 hour.

When it had had a good chance to settle down, I brought out my laptop and my new 40D.

I put a 25mm plossl eyepiece into the scope and checked out the moon… it was, as always, stunning!  Next, I screwed on and extension tube and a canon bayonet mount.  Onto the mount, I attached the 40D, and set it to “manual”.  Upon connecting the USB cable from the camera to the laptop, the control software came up… I could see the moon on my laptop screen. COOL!  After some focusing I had a pretty sharp moon.  You could really see the heating effect due to the fact that I was shooting over a set of buildings but what can you do when you’re in the city 😉  I took a whole bunch of shots.  Some better than others… it was experimenting time.  It was great that I could be so removed from the camera body when shooting and yet have such a clear view of what I was going to get.

The optimal shooting environment turned out to be 1/200s at ISO 400.  This helped to deal with the slight shake in the setup.

I took my best 26 shots and threw them at Photoshop CS3’s Automerge feature.  On my Vista machine it happily chewed up all 3.5GB that it could and you knew it wanted more.  It took a while to work but when it was done, the result was fabulous.

Here is the final shot:


I love this camera already :):):):):)

Burnaby Lake Birds

12 03 2006

Went out to Burnaby Lake today and took some bird pics:

The whole set can be seen here:

Male Wood Duck:

Male Green Winged Teal:

Unknown Bird:

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