I’m an idiot

23 03 2012

I had planned to blog while travelling here in Ecuador. When we arrived, I realised that I had left my laptop power adapter at home. Great. Now I have about 2 hours of laptop power for the rest of the trip. Oh, woe is me!

Post Christmas Goodness

2 01 2008

Boxing Day:

  • Best Buy:
  1. Logitech Headphone/Microphone  (regular $80) for $39.99!
  2. HP Laptop Docking Station $140 – No great deal… but we were there, and now Mrs D doesn’t have to unplug  a half dozen cables to mobilize her laptop.
  • WalMart:
    1. 100 DVD-R’s for $17

    Portland (land of no tax!):

    1. Tommy Hillfiger pants $29
    2. Bass Pants: $20
    3. Guitar Hero III (w/ guitar) $90
    4. Wii Controller $40
    5. XBox 360 Controller $40
    6. Salad Bowl: $17 (regular $69)
    7. UnderArmor thermal tights $50 – You can’t get the thermal wear up here… don’t know why – it’s COLDER here.
    8. Ivory Soap AOSep for less than half of what you pay up here (and bigger).
    9. Duracell batteries – 36 for $12.50

    New Year’s Day:

    1. 30 DVD+R Dual Layer $24 @ Future Shop

    Good times!  The Portland trip was crazy and fun, but a LOT of driving.  With gas at the equivalent of $0.75/L it didn’t seem quite so bad – particularly with my truck just LOVING highway driving compared to city.  We drove approximately 1300 km on 2 tanks of gas – about $140.  Having the TomTom One XL GPS was a life saver.  We were able to find our hotel, the outlet mall, and REI in Portland and Seattle without really having any idea which streets took us where.  The only problems came when we didn’t have a correct street or address for a location.  We found that the POI interface was a bit difficult to navigate, but I think we’ll find it easier with more use.  Did I miss having street names pronounced for our directions?  No.  If  I DID miss a street turn (which happened once or twice when streets were kind of crazy in Seattle) it just rerouted me.  No problems.

    My Thanks to the gang that had us along:  Brad, Greg, Dave and the crew… it was a blast!

    Happy New Year to all!

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