Galapagos Turtles, Penguins and Iguanas!!!

21 06 2012

The videos pretty much speak for themselves… what an incredible experience!

1st video…
2nd video…

Talk about COOL!

Snorkeling with Sealions

4 06 2012

Finally got around to editing a bit more of the video from the Galapagos trip. Here’s one of our snorkeling encounters with sealions in various bays.  Our travelling companion, Hidi, even makes a brief appearance 🙂


They are SOOO cool when they turn and twist underwater.  This movie was put together with iMovie – a bit of a learning curve, and somewhat limited, but easy enough…

Galapagos Snokeling videos

28 04 2012

In a branch out from my regular "photography" we have a bit of Cinematography!

A couple of videos I put together from snorkeling in the Galapago Islands.  They were shot on a Fuji XP waterproof camera…

Water was lovely! Quite an experience…
Watch for the SHARK!

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