Geckos, Snakes, and Pyrite

4 03 2008

This past weekend, I had 13 kids out of 500 running around Science World on Saturday Night.   Cry  While the kids tried variously to kill themselves or break things, I snuck over to the critter section and got some photo opportunities with the resident reptiles and a rock… I know.. I lead a pretty hurtin’ life Wink

OK… the gecko and the snake were DARK… serious PP was required to bring them to life, so they don’t look terribly good bigger than what I have here, but the pyrite was the opposite problem… MAJOR reflection!
All shots handheld with 100mm macro. Man moving objects are tricky!
1) Leopard Gecko:

2) Leopard Gecko:

3) Corn Snake:

4. Pyrite:

5. Pyrite:

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