Elfin Lakes!

27 08 2013

We were up in the Diamond Head area of Garibaldi Provincial Park for 4 day/3 nights last week. The alpine scenery was amazing.  Here are some highlights of the hike.

1. Mount Atwell and the Gargoyles

Mt Atwell and the Gargoyles by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

2. Wildflowers

Beautiful flowers by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

3. Premium camping location!

Summer in the Alpine by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

4. Full Moon Rising

Full Moon at Elfin Lakes by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

5. Alpine reflection

Reflection of Mountain beauty by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

6. Lit by the full moon

Elfin Lakes and surroundings by the full moon. by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

7. Moonset over the Tantalus Range

Moonset over the Tantalus range by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

8. Panoramic view from the Opal Cone (bigger on Flickr)

Panorama from the Opal Cone by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

I hope you enjoyed the virtual visit to the alpine!  More shots can be found at:

Comments and Critique welcome!

Reifel Bird Sanctuary

12 09 2009

I went out to the Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary today. 

Wow – SLOW day for birds.  I wandered about for 4.5 hours today and hardly shot anything.


Today’s set can be seen at Flickr

Northern Harrier Northern Harrier Greater Yellowlegs Greater Yellowlegs Greater Yellowlegs and a Mallard Canada Geese
Greater Yellowlegs Greater Yellowlegs Greater Yellowlegs Greater Yellowlegs Greater Yellowlegs Greater Yellowlegs
Adult Cedar Waxwing Cedar Waxwing Greater Yellowlegs Greater Yellowlegs Greater Yellowlegs Thistle
Sunlit flower Read to go! Moon Time for fall Levitation Levitation
Flower Fall Apples Berries Fall Apples Last Flower

Fall Apples

All shot with the 50D  and 100-400L

I can’t wait for all the cool winter ducks to arrive!


Beautiful Moon Tonight

21 11 2007

It was a beautiful waxing moon on a clear cool night tonight.  This will likely be the third night in a row that we have a clear frosty morning to wake us up!

I took a few shots with different gear.  The best was the following:
(click on it to see one that – even at this size – is rendered better)


Taken with Canon IXUS900Ti handheld against a 25mm plossl objective lens on a D=130mm F=1000mm reflector telescope

The top right is a bit fuzzy as it’s suffering a bit from the vignetting. You can also see slight chromatic aberration (It’s not THAT good a scope [grin])

Best focus region was designed to be the Southwest on the terminator.

Full sized photo (2500x 2400)

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