2012-11-21 A Day at Ocean Park

1 12 2012

We hadn’t been to Ocean Park, in Hong Kong, for almost 5 years.  A lot has changed, some for the better, some – worse.  Still a good day to go visit and see the animals!  The weather was cloudy and threatening, but in the past week, I’ve learned that my ability to forecast weather in Hong Kong is pretty much non-existent.  We went with Mrs Dragonspeed’s mom as she really enjoys seeing the Pandas.

We arrived not long after opening and there were already many tour buses there.  It seems that Ocean Park has become a popular destination for mainland Chinese tourists now!  We snaked through the admissions line and picked up Mrs Dragonspeed’s mom’s free ticket (seniors get in free EVERY day) and made our way to the Pandas. 

The two giant pandas were pretty lethargic and did what they do most of the time in the wild.  Sleep.  A bit of movement, and the whir of shutters could be heard all around.  There were also a couple of Golden Monkeys who were much more awake and more photogenic! 

After the Pandas, we headed over to the Aquarium, which had been completely rebuilt since I had been there last. The area is HUGE.  There are so many beautiful species of fish and aquatic animals.  Mom went home after that while Mrs D and I kept wandering around.  So many changes!  Later in the afternoon, the rain started, it meant that the line up for the “Hair Raiser” rollercoaster was non-existent.  Great ride.  Too short. 😦

The whole set of pics from the day can be found on my blog:

Here are a few highlights.

Giant Panda

Golden Monkey

Stone fish

Fish with cool light coming down

Kids at heart

The cutest critter in the park – Red Panda

For the price of admission, Ocean Park is great bang for your buck!  If you’re in Hong Kong, I would put this on the “must visit” list.

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