25 05 2010

Wow…  what a long day/2 days. 

We started our journey at home at 0730 PDT on Monday and we are finally about to crash out and sleep at 23:45 CET on Tuesday.  The flights weren’t bad, but they were flights…it sucks the life out of you.

We caught a Taxi (AAA Radio Taxi are the ones you want to use) from Praha Airport to our Hotel.  What a lovely hotel.  The Grand Majestic Plaza Hotel is quite nice.  Definitely more than I was expecting.  They have free WIRED internet… and it’s FAST! 🙂

After getting our room, we found Francis and Maggie.  Next thing I knew we were going on the grand walking tour of Praha.. Oh my…. We saw the towers, the bridge, and the palace/castle from far.  The weather was warm and sunny, so between lack of sleep and a lot of walking I felt about ready to pass out.  We went back to our hotel room for 1730.

I always wondered how foreign medical service is in various global countries… Today we got to find out – Here it was quite good.  Apparently one our travelling group had come in contact with something that caused her to have an allergic reaction.  We had to call a doctor to come and make a “hotel-call”.  A hydrocortisone shot and a prescription later he was on his way.  He was richer and our travelling companion was on her way to recovery.

For dinner we checked out the upside down Koala pub/restaurant and had some goulash beef tenderloin and other Czech specialties.  Of course I had some pilsner 🙂 Delicious.

We walked off dinner pretty much the same way that we killed ourselves in the afternoon.  We headed down to Charles Bridge to shoot the castle/palace at night.  Got some decent shots along the way.  I’m glad we did it but I AM tired!

We bid good night to all and headed up to our room, only to find it in the dark.  Totally.  Trip down to the desk to get someone to look into it.  It would appear that _SOMEONE_ blew the circuit for 3 rooms.  I wonder who that could be… I was only running a laptop and charging two batteries… me?  Hmmm, probably coincidence.

Midnight now – Time for some shuteye!

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