Bowling at the Varsity Ridge Lanes

2 02 2008

We took our Cubs bowling on Thursday.  We went to the Varsity Ridge Lanes at 15th and Arbutus  They give us a good rate and we play 2 games in 2 hours (we’re not the fastest bunch of bowlers around 🙂 ) 

For some of our Cubs it was their first time bowling while others had bowled a few times before.  Some even had bowled 10 pin even though I’m sure that the ball is 1/2 their weight 😉 We were bowling 5 pin that night which meant that almost everyone has a better chance at correctly BOWLING The ball instead of trying to throw or simply push it down the lane.

It was a fun time and  a great opportunity to get out of the hall and something different.  I also took the opportunity to try out some action pictures with my 40D in an indoor (darker) setting.  I went with ISO 1000-1600 and shot with the 17-85IS lens.  It’s tough capturing just the right momemt 🙂

Here are the pictures I took:


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