Tonight’s Waning Moon

23 01 2008

I took advantage of tonight’s (January 23, 2008) waning moon to try out my new Canon 40D and the “Remote Live View” feature.

I took my telescope (1000mm, F/10 4.13″ Objective) out and let it condition in the cold for about 1 hour.

When it had had a good chance to settle down, I brought out my laptop and my new 40D.

I put a 25mm plossl eyepiece into the scope and checked out the moon… it was, as always, stunning!  Next, I screwed on and extension tube and a canon bayonet mount.  Onto the mount, I attached the 40D, and set it to “manual”.  Upon connecting the USB cable from the camera to the laptop, the control software came up… I could see the moon on my laptop screen. COOL!  After some focusing I had a pretty sharp moon.  You could really see the heating effect due to the fact that I was shooting over a set of buildings but what can you do when you’re in the city 😉  I took a whole bunch of shots.  Some better than others… it was experimenting time.  It was great that I could be so removed from the camera body when shooting and yet have such a clear view of what I was going to get.

The optimal shooting environment turned out to be 1/200s at ISO 400.  This helped to deal with the slight shake in the setup.

I took my best 26 shots and threw them at Photoshop CS3’s Automerge feature.  On my Vista machine it happily chewed up all 3.5GB that it could and you knew it wanted more.  It took a while to work but when it was done, the result was fabulous.

Here is the final shot:


I love this camera already :):):):):)

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