White Christmas?

11 12 2008

With the impending snow this weekend here in Vancouver… it made me think of this little gem from a year or two ago… I LOVE it….   What a GREAT rendition of “White Christmas”

Props to Mesa Software for hosting it… the free site in France that hosted the original is unfortunately dead and gone 😦  [Update – Christmas 2009… Mesa is blocking it with a 403 😦  Bandwidth must have been a bitch)

So, get your groove on and start tappin’ your toes, because it’s a DOO WOP White Christmas!


New location: http://gpsinformation.info/main/merryxmas.swf (let’s see if this stays around for a while)

I’ve also uploaded it to a SWF hosting site: http://megaswf.com/view/efb5bdc8bf755963eaebf0a142da9e2b.html

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