Reminiscing… The Aurora Borealis

7 04 2013

I was just revisiting some of our Aurora pictures… Funny, but this one keeps sticking with me. It looks like a cloudy night, but every bit of "texture" you see in the sky is created by the Aurora Borealis. The actual night sky is clear (as can be seen from the visible stars) It really felt like it was "storm clouds of Aurora" coming over from the North. You can’t really put it fully into words…

Aurora Borealis – The Northern Lights by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

God’s wonder never ceases to amaze!  I can see myself planning a trip again…

Mink vs Mallard

26 10 2010


You don’t get to come across this many days!!

I know it’s old (I took these back in July) but it has taken me a while to figure out a way to best present these..  I was walking along the boardwalk down at Piper spit on Burnaby Lake when I suddenly heard a sound below… I looked down and thought… Oh… that poor duck.  The mink got her.  Then my photographer’s instinct kicked in.  Below are some composites of the whole event…

It looked like a mink had taken a female mallard by surprise…  She was lifeless and limp.  He had captured himself one heck of a meal!
Mink vs Mallard Part I

Suddenly in a whirl and splash the mallard kicked to life.  She dove under water and the mink went down with her.  Then, briefly the mink opened its mouth to breathe.  The moment she had been waiting for!!! She dove under one more time and pushed hard to escape!
Mink vs Mallard Part II

In the end, she escaped – definitely wiser and and a bit ruffled.  The mink swam off under the boardwalk to wait in ambush of a better target.
Mink vs Mallard part III
I’m not so sure about the happily ever after – particularly on the Mink’s part.

It was quite am amazing sight. I was pretty thrilled that I got some decent shots of the whole episode!

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