2012-11-22 A walk around “The Peak”

3 12 2012

We decided to head up to Victoria Peak with Mrs Dragonspeed’s mom and Lorna and Claire.  We took a cab up and wandered around the Peak shops and checked out the goodies they offered – all at ridiculous “tourist marked up” pricing.  This one sign, however caught my eye

That’s what we need in Canada!  And the price is right… about $7CAD.  Well – it was a bit too early for that, so we kept looking about. Next thing you know, we run into Bruce Lee!  With this group of helpers, he was sure to win, even if he WAS wax Winking smile

We went for a walk around the “Morning Trail” which led us around the Northwest corner of the Peak.  It opened into lovely vistas of Kowloon, unfortunately the sun and fog were challenging bug we got a few pictures of Hong Kong’s tallest building, ICC and the ships in the Kowloon Western harbour.

After the walk around the peak, we took a cab part way down the hill to the Wan Chai Gap park.  Mrs Dragonspeed’s dad used to take the kids here when they were little. They walked UP and down the hill to Aberdeen when they were young.  We were going to walk down.  ALL the way down the Aberdeen!  We came across a tonne of pretty butterflies. It must be butterfly season as this was the second time in a week that I have seen so many together.

We even saw a couple of new birds (for me). Here’s the Japanese White-eye:

It was a good day of exercise and the clouds kept it from getting too hot, but didn’t help the shooting.  Well – I guess it’s a compromise!

The whole set of shots from the peak can be seen at:

Thanks for reading and dropping in to check out the photos!


Hong Kong 2011-11-21

22 11 2011
Hong Kong Skyline by nightFish at the marketLunch with my inlawsTemple in AberdeenTemple in AberdeenTemple in Aberdeen
Temple in AberdeenTemple in AberdeenTemple in AberdeenTemple in AberdeenMong Kok at 10 am... still busy.Evening on Nathan Road
Canon's service centre in HKHong Kong Skyline by nightHong Kong Skyline by nightHong Kong Skyline by nightHong Kong Skyline by nightHong Kong Skyline by night
Hong Kong Skyline by nightHong Kong Skyline by nightMuk Muk and Duck Duck take the Star FerryIFC OneMuk Muk and Duck Duck take the Star Ferry

Hong Kong 2011-11-21, a set on Flickr.

We spent the morning with the inlaws around Aberdeen. We had lunch and dropped into a local temple for a look around and then headed down to pick up our 17-55 f/2.8IS that we had dropped in to Canon a few days ago. it was ready to pick up. Not like Canon Canada that seems to delight in taking weeks to get things back! Wow… nice speed Canon HK!

From Canon, it was a short hop over to the star ferry pier in Kowloon to shoot the lights of central after sunset. What a lovely city! That’s gotta take a lot of coal to keep those lights burning though.

After a long day walking, it was good to get home.

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