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Not much to say about me…

 I live in Burnaby BC, and enjoy life with my wife (Mrs DragonSpeed).  I have been in Vancouver since 1990 when I made the cross country trek from Ottawa ON.   We don’t have any kids, and we seem to be fresh out of pets, as they have aged out and the Mrs isn’t a big “pet fan 😦 )

I practice Judo for excercise and have been with the Burnaby Judo Club since 1997.  I am presently ranked as Shodan.  I am a Scout leader with the 40th Marpole Scouts (been doing that for over 15 years now).  I enjoy getting out and hiking, camping and fishing.  Being outdoors has given me a great opportunity for some fun photography and I have been taking a tonne of pictures since I got my DSLR back a few years back. Recent camera acquisition has been the Canon 40D (I’m absolutely loving this camera) and a 100mm macro lens.

I started blogging about 4 years ago.  Recently my last free blog provider changed formats and I lost all my blog entries for the past two years.  That’s why I moved over here to WordPress.com  I also have a photo blog at http://www.fotothing.com/dragonspeed and a series of photo galleries running on some C# code that I whipped up:  http://www.slacker.ca/brian/webpics/showpix.aspx

 That’s all folks 🙂

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20 07 2008
Dorothy Rogers

Hi Brian. Remember me? Dave’s mom. Delighted to see your blog and think China is wonderful. Enjoy the Olympics and the clean air (snort, choke, cough). Don’t believe what you hear about it on CBC.
Mom Rogers

20 07 2008

Great to hear from you!!! Yes, it’ll certainly be an experience. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I will just miss them. I have to get back to Vancouver to hike with our Venturers!

28 04 2009

Your photos are beautiful!
I am a painter and I was wondering if you would mind
if I painted one of your “Vancouver in the fog” pictures.
They are breath-taking! Please let me know!

28 04 2009

Yes – thank you for asking. I’d be interested to see the finished product!

16 01 2010

Hi Brian,
I came across your website when I was investing eagle information regarding Brackendale. When I saw your pictures, I was totally moved! You have such talent!! They are by far the best phographic work that I have come across relating to that area of Canada! Since you live in the area, would you mind telling me if the Eagles are in the Bracendale area during the summer? My family and I are planning a trip to Canada, and it’s always been my dream to see Eagles in there natural setting. Thanks. PS – if you’re not professtional, you should try to pursue it!!!

18 01 2010

Thanks for the kind words on the photos 🙂

There are SOME eagles around in the summer time. I would probably say that I see more down around the Vancouver Fraser Delta area than I do up in Squamish in the summer. Most of them head more north up to areas like Ketchikan Alaska during the summer months. They follow the food, and the reason for hanging out in Brackendale in January is the abundance of dead rotting chum from the November/December spawn, so they don’t have a LOT of reason to hang out during the summer.

I hope that helps with your expectations.

1 02 2010
Zuzana Tothova

Hello Brian,

We have seen that you are a great photographer. Your photogallery is very creative and interesting. We like one photo you did (on Flickr : http://www.flickr.com/photos/dragonspeed/3234335979/) and we would like to use it for a banner in our webside.
If you are interested please take look on the side where it would be: http://jaybanks.ca/

As you can see, we have there already a photo of the day. We choose realy beautiful pictures to make the side more good looking and refreshing.
If you accept, it’s also a form of presentation for you. We also will post you an announce about being the photo on Jay Bank’s website and we will announce your photo site on our weblog.

On this page we aren’t running the photo contest now but we might run it again. If we include your photo in our gallery, it is automatically eligible for our next contest.

1 02 2010

Thank you for your kind words.

1) You are welcome to use my photo on your commerical site for a small fee. All I ask is for a donation to my Scout Group in the form of a cheque or cash.
2) When visiting the site, I noticed the following comments below a photo “All images © Jay Banks” I am not willing to give up my copyright on my photo, simply give you the rights to using it.

If you change your copyright statement, and agree to the donation I’d be happy to let you use my photo! I look forward to working with you!

2 03 2010

I found your site while looking up Sunrise shots. I am a photographer myself and love your work. I was wondering tho, in the shots you did over looking downtown with the fog. Where abouts on the north shore were to get these shots. You have done an outstanding job.


15 04 2010

Sorry Bill, I didn’t answer your question. The shots of the Vancouver sunrise were shot from the Lookout on the road to Cypress Bowl.


20 06 2010

Hi Brian, found your bird photography whilst browsing, absolutely wonderful & crystal clear!

21 06 2010

I’m glad you stumbled across my little corner of the ‘Net and that you enjoyed the photos!

19 10 2012

Hi Bryan,

Will you be at the judo tournament in Abby on Saturday?

30 07 2013
Patti Dyment

Hi Brian. Our family is very much enjoying your photos of the 2013 Judo Nationals. I write to request your permission to paint from your photos of our daughter (gold medallist, U21). It is intended as a gift for her. It may be exhibited, but not offered for sale . I’ve wanted to paint a judo oil for a long time, and promise to do it justice!

19 03 2014
Tom M

Brian, I’ve been trying to respond to your recent query re: Understanding Politics but Flickrmail doesn’t work for me. Send me a mailing address via email so I can send you a copy of the book. It would help to have an email (not Flickrmail!) message so I can reply without going through Yahoo. Thanks, TM

27 05 2014

Hello Brian,
I saw some shots on FWR and hopped over to some of your Flicker shares.
Not much to add to the above accolades except to commend you on your humble request for a donation to the Scouts for the use of your work(?) prolly more correctly, passion.
After living here on the Island (Campbell River) for the past ten months. I knew I had to get into some wildlife, landscape photography.
I got a good deal on a Canon XSi and a couple of kit lenses 18-55, 55-250 and am loving it! Learning to shoot in camera raw and Loaded up Photoshop and Light Room and am surfing the learning curve with the help of Cambridge and of course Lynda tutorials.
Hope you don’t mind me lurking and learning from you as well.
That Eagle OOB was wonderful. I’m off to learn how to do it with some of the many eagle shots I’ve gotten from the literally thousands of birds that hang around here.
I’d welcome your input and advice when I get a decent result, if you’d be interested.

Also, that set from the Cypress Look-Out was simply gob-smacking phenomenal.

Thanks for the inspiration.

2 06 2014

I’m glad you enjoy the images and get some inspiration. That’s the reason I do this, so that others may enjoy as well!

I’d be happy to give you feedback on any of your OOB, or other work and am flattered that you value my opinion.


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