Fun with Photoshop

14 03 2014

I was looking over some old photos recently and realized that I hadn’t done an OOB (Out Of Bounds) one recently.  OOB is the art of making it appear that your subject in the photo is coming out of the frame.  It can make for some fun shots. You can try it yourself with Photoshop using this OOB tutorial by Serrator

I took a lion cub and gave him a bit more life.


The original:

Play time!

After some playing around… The finished product:

OOB Lion Cub

It’s fun, and not that hard to do.  It takes the right kind of photo though, but you get an eye for what will likely work, and what won’t as you do it more.

I haven’t done many, but they are in my little set called OOB.

Have fun!  If you do create one, I’d live to see a link to it in the comments!

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