Skagway Alaska – offseason

4 04 2013

We took a day trip down from Whitehorse to Skagway to check it out. The drive through White Pass was "interesting" to put it mildly, but the town of Skagway was almost a ghost town on that Sunday in the off-season.
1. A cold Welcome

Welcome to the USA by DragonSpeed, on Flickr
2. What do you do with a hundred tour buses in the off season?

The fleet at rest by DragonSpeed, on Flickr
3. The only place open on a Sunday morning.

The only open place on a Sunday in Skagway by DragonSpeed, on Flickr
4. The historic White Pass railway and old buildings of Skagway under the mountains that surround it.

All aboard! by DragonSpeed, on Flickr
5. Probably the most photographed building in town

The Arctic Brotherhood Hall by DragonSpeed, on Flickr
6. Tumbleweeds anyone?

All we need is some tumbleweeds by DragonSpeed, on Flickr
Apparently 10,000 tourists/day come through from May to September, but the 900 inhabitants weren’t really visible when we were there. I think we saw about 10-20 people the whole time we were there. Very strange.



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