2012-11-04 First Day in Cambodia

4 11 2012

Wow – after 20 hours of travelling, we finally arrived in Phnom Penh.  Exhausting.

But!  we can’t let that stop us, can we?  We then headed out to our hotel, had a quick shower before going out to Khmer Surin for lunch.  Lunch was tasty and the environment was really nice. Post lunch, we hit the Royal Museum and Royal Palace.   The Palace was not originally planned,but we did it today since with the recent passing of the former king, the palace grounds could be closed at any time without notice.

Wow – it was probably about 38C today and the sun baked like an oven.  Now, 23:23  and I’m FINALLY getting a short blog entry. The set of photos from today is up on Flickr at:


Tomorrow promises more heat and this time the killing fields. Should be a sombre experience.

The Royal Palace

The Silver Pagoda at the Royal Palace


See you tomorrow!

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