East African Birds

26 12 2011

Lilac-breasted RollerYelow-billed KitePied CrowYelow-billed KiteSpeckled MousebirdOlive Thrush
Collared SunbirdOlive ThrushKenya Rufous SparrowCape Robin-ChatBaglafecht WeaverHadeda Ibis
Martial EagleMartial EagleMasai OstrichRed-cheeked Cordon-bleuA weaver's nestHunter's Sunbird
Tawny EagleTawny EagleSuperb StarlingHornbills and StarlingsMasai OstrichMasai Ostrich

East African Birds, a set on Flickr.

Well, 2 1/2 years after we finished our INCREDIBLE Kenya/Tanzania trip, I finally managed to finish editing the BIRDS from the trip (sooo many other animals to still do!) Here they are… 99 of the best bird shots by Mrs D and I. Shot at the time with the Canon 50D and the Rebel XTi. on the 50D I had the 100-400 and on the Rebel XTi we had the 70-200 2.8 with the 2X extender. Our tour company was "Tropical Trails" We had a Fantastic Guide, Jacob Loserian. Ask for him if you book with TT!



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