Hong Kong 2011-11-20

21 11 2011

Fine Dining - redefined.Christmas is comingIce cream purseICC and Victoria HarbourICC and Victoria HarbourVictoria Harbour
Victoria HarbourOn the way to Cheung ChauSaloon?So, that's what happens to old tires!Chu Family DinnerShuttle boats
Chu Family DinnerChu Family DinnerChu Family DinnerOld and GnarlyOld woman with dried fishWeekend visitors to Cheung Chau
Nature's FishermanNature's FishermanNature's FishermanNature's FishermanNature's FishermanNature's Fisherman

Hong Kong 2011-11-20, a set on Flickr.

Today we went over to Cheung Chau for the Chu family dinner.

Had the opportunity to shoot a bit of the life and action on Cheung Chau, from the Chu family temple, to a kiteboarder to a Heron fishing off the swimming marker. It made for a great day trip out.



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