Back in Hong Kong again! November 11 – Day 1

11 11 2011

The fun started when we checked in and went through security at YVR.  The dumb IMS scanner hit “positive” for explosive residue on Mrs D’s hands!  She had to go through the security grope and all her carry-on had to be hand examined.  At least we then got to go through the “Fast-Track” lane 🙂 We were to take off from Vancouver at 13:35 but due to anticipated strong headwinds and a full plane, we had to take on an additional 10 tonnes of fuel.  This delay meant that we didn’t actually take off until almost 1400.  Due to the strong headwinds, we also were delayed further and all this meant over 14 hours on a plane. In and of itself this would make a flight long, but it also seemed that they wanted to keep the temperature pretty warm.  So, we sat in a plane for 14 hours, warm, and in close contact.  I watched “The Deathly Hallows II, Cars 2, Captain America, and a fourth movie that I can’t remember.  Thankfully the movies were pretty good because I just COULDN’T sleep.  A total of one hour sleep later, we arrived in Hong Kong.  It seemed that our bags were the LAST to get off the plane… It took forever to get them.

Once we got our bags and cleared immigration and customs we were surprised to see Maggie and Francis there to greet us!  What a fantastic surprise.  They had come from work to the airport to meet us, and were going to drive us “home”.  I told them of my plans to meet Isobel on our arrival and they took us over to pick up Isobel and we all headed over to “King Ludwig’s Tavern” and enjoyed some German food in HK with my friend from Alberta 🙂 Crazy world.  It was great catching up with 20 years of time with Isobel!

Today, the 11th, I woke up at 0800 after having happily passed out last night at 0100.  Mrs D apparently woke a couple of times in the middle of the night.  We were out and on the road by 0930 and we were on the bus to Aberdeen by 0945.   The bus took just under an hour to get across the bay and under the mountain to Aberdeen.

When we arrived, we were greeted by Lorna and Claire, Raymond, Vicki, Christine, Color as well as mom and dad Chu.  Also there was cute little “number 3” – the, as yet, unnamed newest addition to the Chu family. 

We hung out for a bit and then we were off for Dim Sum at the Hong Kong Jockey Club.  Very swanky.  We had a great meal and it was nice to get caught up with everyone!

After lunch, Color took Raymond, Mrs D and I for a drive.  We went to Shek O, Big Wave Bay, and the Commonwealth Military cemetery in Stanley.  The beaches at Shek O and Big Wave bay were lovely…must be great in the heat of summer!

It was very nice to visit the cemetery – particularly on Remembrance Day.  I paused for a while paid my respects.  There are even Canadian graves there.  The battle for Hong Kong in December 1941 ultimately took 4500 lives.

We hung out at Color’s place for a while and then headed out for dinner at Christine’s place. She had cooked up a delicious mix of pork chops and some curried chicken.  Mmmmm! 

Color drove us down to Causeway bay where Mrs D picked up an iPad for mom and dad Chu.  Hopefully they will enjoy using it, and will be able to see pictures of “number 3” and the other two grandchildren with it.

After we finished down at Times Square we took a cab back home to Kowloon.  We got home about 12 hours after we left. Phew… long day… and it’s only the first full day of the next 16!

A selection of todays photos can be found here:

See ya tomorrow.



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