Pictures from the Cleveland Zoo – March 27, 2011

23 05 2011

After a weekend’s work, I was able to slip away on the Sunday afternoon and shoot at the Cleveland Zoo at the end of March.  The admission was reasonable and there was a large area to cover.  Some of the exhibits weren’t open (Australian/African) due to the climate but there was still a lot of animals to see.  It seems like life has been non-stop since then.  I finally had a chance to work up the photos. Here are some of the shots (they are geotagged – you can see EXACTLY where they were taken if you go to the flickr link) : 


King de-throned by DragonSpeed, on Flickr


Cuddly by DragonSpeed, on Flickr


Dreaming of Freedom by DragonSpeed, on Flickr


I wonder if I have a brain by DragonSpeed, on Flickr


Yawning by DragonSpeed, on Flickr


I think I have something in my teeth by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

I hope you enjoyed them… it’s quite a nice zoo, roomier than many but feel sorry for the animals – they can never really have enough room there, but it does allow people to learn about them and to understand the conservation needs in a more face-to-face way.

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