Some more birds from Saturday’s walk around Reifel and Boundary Bay

9 03 2011

Some more birds taken at Boundary Bay regional park and Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary back on March 6, 2011.  All shot with Canon 7D and the 100-400 (most, if not all, at 400mm)
1) Female Northern Harrier

Northern Harrier on the Hunt by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

2) Male Northern Harrier

Male Northern Harrier by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

3) Take Out!

Take Out by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

4) Mrs Lesser Scaup

Mrs Lesser Scaup by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

5) Mrs Hooded Merganser

Mrs Hooded Merganser by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

6) Mr Spotted Towhee

Spotted Towhee by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

7) Mr Northern Flicker (whom I’m now led to believe may be an intergrade)

Red Shafted Northern Flicker by DragonSpeed, on Flickr

Hope you like ’em!



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