May 26, 2010 – Day 2 Praha, Czech Republic

26 05 2010

We were supposed to get up and meet our friends down at the lobby to to go by 0930.  that kind of fell to the wayside…  We had 1 power outage last night and then another 4 this morning.  It’s POSSIBLE that some tech geek overloaded the circuit, but you can’t prove that ;)  Nice shiny hotel, old wires probably.

It was cloudy and had rained last night.  We made sure we were all prepared.  Rain gear for backpacks and camera bags as well as something to make sure WE were warm and dry.  We headed out to the Prague Castle to see the various interesting things there by 1000.

We walked similar paths to the ones walked yesterday and strangely enough, things looked different in the morning light so we stopped and shot some pics as we walked over to the Charles bridge. Once at the Bridge, Mrs D and I waited for the group and had a good time hanging out and shooting snaps.  By 1100 the rest of the group caught up and we began the climb up to Prague Castle.  The castle structure is centered by one VERY huge cathedral, the cathedral of St. Vitus.  We rented the audioguides which gave us a great understanding of St. Wenceslas and the history of the Czech state while explaining the cathedral.  We took a LOT of pictures in the cathedral as there really was basically one beautiful thing after another.  Wow!  Such beautiful and storied history.

Following the Cathedral, we headed into St. George’s Basilica… A lovely old church that was first built in the 10th century.  It, like the Cathedral has endured fires and bombardment from many centuries.  The Basilica was quite simple but very nice as well.

While in the palace grounds we visited the old palace, the Rosenberg palace and the toy museum.  Wow… what a long day! We had left our hotel at 1000 and didn’t get out of the Castle Grounds until 1800!  We walked down and into the downtown via another bridge.  This time we had a much better view of the Krumlov (Charles)  bridge because we were down river.

We arranged our trip for tomorrow – Karlovy Vary and we looked for a nearby restaurant.  Tonight we had Italian.  It was quite good.  Odd to be eating pizza in the Czech Republic :)  Dinner lasted us until 2100.  At that time the majority of the group headed out for some shopping and looking around while I met up with my colleague Stepan to have a few beers of the original Budvar.  Not that watery tasteless crap that they call Budweiser in the US but real, QUALITY pilsner lager and only about $1.50/pint!!!    We drank until 2300 when it seems that Prague rolls up the streets.  Only a few places are open past 2300 – clubs, casinos, discos.  I walked home with my directions from Stepan… I didn’t get lost!  So, I wound my up to our hotel room and promptly blew the breaker – AGAIN -  After getting that fixed, I finally got this blog finished.  We’ve got a 10 hour tour tomorrow, so I’m off to get my sleep while I still can!


p.s. the Internet is lightning fast here!  1Mbps UPLINK which means I’m getting my photos synced to home every night!  We’ shot 3GB of photos today!


See you tomorrow!

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