The tale of the goldfinch and the chickadee

3 09 2009

She came in looking for a quick bite.

but upon landing on the feeder, she was unhappy to see someone already at the feed:

This litte guy would have none of her chattering or bullying.
His main problem was to figure out which of the thousands of seeds in front of him he was going to eat.
The goldfinch kept looking and chattering and trying to convince the chickadee to leave.

She was hungry and was really looking to get down and eat…

Apparently she is more "bark than bite"
She resigned herself to sitting and waiting her turn while a very finicky chickadee indeed chose which seed to take away and chew on.

I think while I watched this, that it was the longest I’ve seen a chickadee think about which seed to eat. I’m not sure if he was doing it to spite the goldfinch. Despite the fact that there were 3 other feeder ports, she apparently really wanted this one.
And that is the tale of the chickadee and the goldfinch.
Captured at ISO 1250 in the evening light (F5.6 1/320 @400mm)




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